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Submitters Perspective

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Happiness is
Submission to God Alone

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A Prayer of Submission (2)


I implore you, dear Lord, that I may be guided to speak words of truth and righteousness, words that glorify You alone. I thank You, God, for the blessing of the Friday prayer and for giving us each other that we may be tested and comforted. Thank you, God, for the gift of this recent Ramadan, and for the great number of people with which we shared the night of power. Please forgive our human tendencies to judge and criticize even those who stand beside us in submission. Help us to do better.

Thank you, dear God, for this chance to redeem ourselves and for the guidance You have sent to help. You have told us to take the most difficult path, and in Your infinite mercy, You have also said You would make it easy for us. Make us Your righteous, humble servants, that we may be worthy of Your love and mercy. Make us ones who worship You alone, who glorify You in happiness

and adversity. Raise us from doubt to unshakable conviction, grant us ultimate faith and total certainty.

Help us to kill our egos that we may submit an acceptable submission. Open our eyes, O Lord, that we may see the glory of Your creation rather than the temptations of the illusion. Increase our knowledge that we may grow ever stronger in our appreciation of You, the Most High. Open our hearts that we may love You above all else and protect us from loving too much the things of this world. Put love in our hearts for all of Your creation and erase our hatred that we may love ourselves and each other in reverence to You.

We implore you, dear God, for forgiveness and mercy. You alone are the Forgiver, the Most Merciful. Please forgive us our sins and transgressions, obvious and hidden, and accept our repentance. Forgive our mistakes and the sins we commit in ignorance.

Dear God, it is with sadness and shame that I implore you deeply to forgive me, as I am weak. Please forgive those of us who desire Your path, yet are still too weak to refrain from transgressing while knowing better. Grant us a powerful support that we may be brought from weakness to victory.

Protect us from Satan’s evil scheming, that we may choose right over wrong, that we may be counted among the righteous. Let us walk the earth as an expression of Your love, that Your glory may radiate from within us as well as all around us.

Let us live as submitters that we may die as submitters. Purify us with the light of Your omnipotence that we may be fit to live in Your kingdom here and in the eternal hereafter. All praise and glory be to You, O Lord, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Raymond Dudley