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Signs in the Heavens

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Theoretically, in an accidental universe they could have taken any values between zero and infinity; yet in every case out of all these almost countless possibilities they have just that one value, one number that is required for life.

We know, for example, the crucial role C&O (Carbon and Oxygen) play in life. They play even a more fundamental role in nucleosynthesis, production of elements in stars. Without these two, the whole chain of elements would have collapsed—no supernova, no universe as we know it at all. And of course, it is not just enough to have C&O, but they must be produced at an exact ratio and they must have an exact energy level, none other will do.

Twentieth century science has discovered these special features but has been unable to explain them without having to admit God and His design. But as usual this has not stopped them from giving all kinds of nonsensical explanations which we can summarize under two categories:

A. Those who admit at present that they have no explanation. They recognize that the universe appears to be a design work but still insist that science will eventually be able to explain it without any need for God. Even from their own perspective this seems more and more unlikely. None of their theories in the last 50 years have made any breakthrough and have been continually discarded and replaced by others.

B. The second line of so called explanations fall under what is called Anthropic principle. According to this principle, things are the way they are because they had to be, otherwise we would not be here. This does not really explain anything at all. All it does is to state the obvious fact that we are here. Therefore it should not be taken seriously as an explanation.

The same also applies to the so-called multiple universe theories which in one form or another say that we have almost countless numbers of universes and ours just happens to have all the right characteristics and conditions. It is really absurd to try to explain the one physical universe we

know of by inventing an infinite number of them. It is even more absurd that these ideas are taken seriously by some supposedly very rational scientists, probably showing the degree of their desperation to stick to any idea that apparently negates God.

There is a new line of explanation on the part of some main line researchers and scientists. They have finally begun to use the D word—Design—in a serious way. Here are some quotes:

  1. The conditions in our universe really do seem to be uniquely suitable for life forms like ourselves.
  2. All evidence suggests this is not just any old universe, but one which is amazingly adjusted and fine tuned for existence of human beings.
  3. At every step it looks as if the universe is just unfolding according to some plan or blueprint. These rules look as if they are the product of intelligent design. I do not see how that can possibly be denied.

These are not quotes from some born-again Christians. These are quotes from scientists who have been trying for years to find an explanation other than God, and from these quotes it appears they are admitting at least design of some sort.

Obviously, they felt it is far beyond coincidence. They could not explain it by attributing it to some kind of Darwinian evolution because when it comes to Laws of Physics, initial cosmological conditions, they are, by almost all admissions, absolutely unique. They are unique now as they have always been, and eternally designed for evolution of life here on earth. For example, the charge of electron has always been the same, now here on earth, anywhere in the universe, or any time in the history of universe. It did not evolve to its present strength and does not evolve to anything smaller, bigger, stronger.

As one physicist said: “If we could play God and select values for these quantities at whim by selecting a set of knobs, we would find that almost all different knobs have to be fine tuned to enormous precision if universe were to survive and life to flourish.”

One would think that such powerful evidence would make people to take heed,


and would make them fall prostrate before God. However those who have decided to disbelieve will continue to reject, continue to find objections. Now that they have been defeated in one area, they will turn to another area for answers.

I have heard and read objections from these people asking why all these billions of stars and galaxies, if the only purpose was to create earth and give humans a second chance. “What a waste,” they say as they object. They ponder how there could be any connection between all these billions of stars and this tiny insignificant planet in a corner of universe. One questioned why the appearance of life on this tiny planet requires the supporting cast of billions of galaxies?

As usual, these people use every evidence, every sign exactly opposite to what God intended. Instead of praising and glorifying God they use it to deny His existence.

Of course God is God. He could have designed any system, maybe earth and just one galaxy or maybe even earth and just one star. What a boring universe that would be. But He did not. On the contrary, He designed a universe with all the vastness, all the multitudes, magnitudes, and mysteries. Why? We know of at least two related reasons: Firstly it clearly shows the insignificance of Satan’s domain, a truly tiny and insignificant planet compared to the vastness of cosmos. Secondly and just as importantly, I believe, God created all these specially for us, for you and me, for all sincere seekers of truth, for all those who wish to praise and glorify Him now, throughout the ages and for all time to come.

To God belongs the kingship of heavens and earth and everything between them. He creates whatever He wills, God is Omnipotent.

It is only through remembrance of God that hearts and minds find assurance, peace, fulfillment, happiness, tranquillity and contentment.

Praise be to God, the One and the only One worthy of praise.

Say, “Note all the signs in the heavens and the earth, all these signs and warnings will not help people who have decided to disbelieve.” (10:101)

Hossein Kowsari