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Submitters Perspective

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Happiness is
Submission to God Alone

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The Simple Observers

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O you who believe, you shall observe God as He should be observed, and do not die except as submitters. You shall hold fast to the rope of God, all of you, and do not be divided... (3:100-103)

As for him who opposes the messenger, after the guidance has been pointed out to him and follows other than the believers’ way, God will direct him in the direction he has chosen and commit him to Hell; what a miserable destiny (4:115).

...Our Lord, direct us to be appreciative of the blessings you have bestowed upon us and to do the righteous works that please you. Admit us by your mercy into the company of your righteous servants. (27:19)

Adam (Shayhu) Khalipha

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1997 Conference

August 29-31, 1997
Tucson, Arizona

God willing, we are planning to hold the 12th Annual United Submitters International Conference in Tucson, Arizona. The dates of this conference are tentatively set for August 29-31, 1997.

Please mark your calendar and start making your plans to attend the conference. Remember that this is a great opportunity to be with Submitters from all around the world.

Look for more details in the coming issues of the Submitters Perspective.

Who Are We?

During the past fourteen centuries, traditions, customs, and myths have crept into the religion of Islam. Gradually, they have become dogma or ritual, to such an extent that anyone who questions them in the light of the Quran finds himself or herself regarded as a dangerous innovator and heretic.

Islam is an Arabic word meaning submission to the will of God. Islam is not a religion of terrorism or compulsion or bigotry. As a matter of fact, it is a religion of great tolerance and compassion. Islam strongly supports the civil rights of all people, whatever gender, race or creed. However, the religion of Islam today is like a precious jewel that is buried under piles upon piles of man made innovations. Our aim is to purge these innovations by upholding the Quran and nothing but the Quran alone, and present the jewel of true Submission to the world.

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