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Submitters Perspective

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A Voice from Incarcerated

In The Name Of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

We pray to Allah that you will receive our present concern as Muslims striving on the foundation of Allah’s universal law and the revelation Al-Kareem, Al-Quran.

We are Muslims; we place no title before or after. We are simply Muslims. However, as a body of believers we stand as the El Tawheed Nation. We have no formal school of thought. We follow the sunnah of Allah and the ways of the prophets from the first to the last and we make no distinction between one or another.
We stand firmly on the culture of the Prophet Abraham and we strive in the likeness of his manner as Allah commanded the Prophet Muhammad. And we submit to Allah in His universal order of divine truth.

By the grace and mercy of Allah, we have been blessed to understand that the traditional hadith (written two hundred to three hundred years after the death of the Prophet Muhammad) has been the cause of wide spread division, inter-conflict, aggression, oppression, outright assassination and bloody wars. We have come to understand that these traditions have been like a cancer eating their way at the Quranic fabric of the Muslim Ulemah, Muslim brotherhood and the Muslims faith and trust in Allah and His supreme guidance and universal application of the Quran.

We have come to understand that the traditions of the hadith barriers is not the resolution to the multi-division of the Muslim Ulemah and was never intended to be so.

We understand the tremendous courage it took for Rashad Khalifa to bring forth the truth and stand unshakably upon that truth for which he deserves respect and honor as a worthy believer and servant of Allah. We pray to Allah that His grace and His mercy, peace and blessing will be extended on the Day of Judgment to our beloved brother, Rashad Khalifa.

El Tawheed nation is now being faced with the same task and difficulties as our brother Rashad Khalifa. For we stand unshakable upon Allah’s divine law. And as our brother, we too bring the truth about the traditional hadith. We will not compromise the truth. For we understand that the truth will prevail and that falsehood is bound to perish. But there must be faith and trust in Allah and no fear in those who would have us compromise the truth.

We have been attacked in prison by the traditionalist orthodox sunni Muslims, slandered, and denied facilitation in the place of worship to teach the “pure” teachings of the Quran and Allah’s universal law. But we refused to be hindered. For we realize that with every difficulty there comes relief.

We are reaching out to you our dear brother; for we have been denied the means of the least available time to come together among ourselves and to teach among ourselves. The chaplain (imam), A.S. Muhammad, here at Avenal State Prison has used every available means to block and hinder us in teaching the truth among ourselves, and to those at the facility who wish to come and learn from the Quran. This is only because we tell

truth about the traditional hadith and its shady history. They will not even allow us to utilize rooms in the chapel, which are not occupied. They say it will be sunni teaching of hadith or nothing at all. We view such action as oppression, compulsion and flagrant injustice.

We have been threatened directly and indirectly with multiple drastic consequences if we continue to teach against the traditional hadith. We have been vehemently warned that we will be placed in the “hole” if we don’t cease our ways.

The chaplain/imam has boldly and erroneously accused me of being an innovator and against the Prophet Muhammad because of the truth that we bring forward against the traditional hadith and our unyielding position in calling our Muslim brothers to the foundation of the Quran.

We have requested that the chaplain/imam allow us to respond to the false allegations he has launched against us before the brotherhood. He adamantly refuses to do so, yet continues to levy every despicable and discreditable accusation against us without any Quranic basis.

We strongly believe it is incorrect and completely unjust under the Quranic law to accuse anyone and not permit the individual or the group of people associated with the individual to defend against the charges. We trust in Allah in every conviction of our faith that chaplain/imam A.S. Muhammad’s tyrannical leadership will not triumph over truth and justice. Therefore,

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