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Submitters Perspective

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Readers’ Comments

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Al Hamdu Lillahi Rabbul ‘Alamin

Good Morning, I have been going through your webpage site and I have found many useful information. I just wanted to thank you and praise you on all the hard work that went into your website. It has been very useful mentally, spirituality, and physically.

Please e-mail me on any new ideas or activities that may be going on in Islam. I would also like to have all of your newsletters to be sent to my working address


* * * * *


A few weeks ago I stumbled across the translation of the Quran by Dr. Rashad Khalifa in the U of Calgary library. Some scribbling inside the cover “don’t read this authors book; this writer is a fraud; etc.” caught and held my attention immediately. I am very happy to see God’s miracle in my own hand and wish to show it to everyone I know. I failed in my search to find a

copy in bookstores and am disappointed that the truth is not readily available around the people I know. I ended up here in my search on the internet and am happy that there is a community of submitters. Please send me the latest catalogue and include me on your mailing list for the newsletter.


* * * * *


Your site is a breath of fresh air....you embody what attracted me to Islam in the first place....


* * * * *


To whom it may concern,

You don’t know how happy I was to come across your article. I really can’t believe it. I thought that I was the only one that felt like that. I am referring to your anti-hadith article.

I have been recently having long discussions with fellow Muslims about

the same subject. They all think that I am crazy. My problem is, the more hadith that I read the more confused I get, and the more contradictions I find. I only thing that I can believe 100% is the Quran.

There is another issue that I have really been debating. Well my problem is that I am the only one around that feels this way so they kind of gang up against me. Back to the issue. I wasn’t raised as a Hanafi or Shafii, or etc. I just can’t accept that there are 4 correct ways that we must follow. You must pick one and stay with it. To me this idea is absurd. Well I really don’t have time now to tell you my view point on the matter, but if you could kindly send me information on your point of view on the matter I would greatly appreciate it.


* * * * *

I have printed a good deal of information from this web site and will read it

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1998 Annual Conference

September 4-6, 1998
Seattle, Washington

God willing, we are holding this year’s United Submitters International Conference in Seattle, Washington. The cost of registration is US$72 per person. This includes banquet lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday (Sep 4-5, 1998). Children under 5 are free.

This year you don’t need any registration form. Just let us know that, God willing, you are coming to the conference. Then send the registration fee to ICS/Masjid Tucson, PO Box 43476, Tucson, AZ 85733. First time attendees, please let us know about yourselves. The conference organizers have the right to accept or decline the registration of any person that is found incompatible with the objective of the conference.

The conference hotel is Embassy Suites at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Room reservation must be done directly by calling the hotel using the toll free number 1-800-EMBASSY. When you call the hotel for reservation, you must state that you are coming for ICS conference to get the special rate. The suites are $99 per night plus applicable taxes, for up to 4 adults in the room, including full breakfast for everybody. Children stay free with their parents. For those who are coming alone, and want to share the room with others, please try to make the arrangement yourselves. Advise the hotel that you would like to share the room with another conference attendee. We are going to ask the hotel to help us in that. The deadline for reservations for the hotel is 17-Aug-1998 to get the special rate.

For more details, call or write to ICS/Masjid Tucson.