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Submitters Perspective

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Readers' Comments

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Dear Brothers,

As-salamu alaikum

I’m really very happy because you’ve changed my life. I’m feeling so new inside surrounded by the angels and your light. You can’t imagine how pleased I’m when reading your Perspective bulletin. Now I can say that I understood many things which were unclear for me. And I’m doing my best to participate in your projects of writing articles about children our future.

May Allah be always with you and enlighten us.


* * * * *

Please send me the Monotheist Newsletter regularly. I wish to be a subscriber, and will be more than glad to pay for it.

God bless you all

Matt Jefferson

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Assalamu Alaikum,

I just wanted to thank you for putting this page out on the internet. Reading the Quran was the primary reason for my conversion, but I thank God for guiding me to the best translation, allowing me to appreciate the miracle of the Quran, as well as finding this web site (which happened to be the first Islamic site that I found in my search as well as the best)...

Alain Turbide

* * * * *

I have been following your home page program for quite sometime. I must say that your articles are very interesting and proven within verses of the Quran.
Before I discovered your homepage section, I really have no idea about what is meant by the so called anti hadis group.

However, deep down inside I have reservation about the massive accusations inflicted onto the anti hadis group.

And in fact I was right. After better understanding of the facts and basis of idea, I certainly agree that the Holy Quran is the complete and the only hadis.

I have always believe that upholding the Muslim way of life is very simple and practical. For instance the five daily prayers. I am not suggesting shortcuts but if you search about it in the holy Quran you might get the connection. As stated somewhere in the Quran (forgotten the exact phrase or index), where Islamic is in preference to smart thinking rather then not hard working.

Well I guess that will be all for now. And if its possible please update me on new discoveries of Islamic misconceptions.. Thank you.

Zulkifli Md. Alipiah

* * * * *

As salaam alaikum,

My name is Akilah and is a new revert to Islam, I am overjoyed at the prospect of receiving any information that you might have....

Thank you in advance.

* * * * *

It is very interesting for me to read your writing. Keep it up.

Thank you

Bablu Chowdhury

* * * * *

Dear Brothers/Sisters,

Few days ago I received a free copy of the monthly bulletin of the ICS “Submitters Perspective,” December 1997 issue, Volume 13, No 12. And I liked it a lot. It is really great. Thanks for your great effort and for your wonderful website.

So I’d like to subscribe now.

Enclosed: Check of $12.00 for one-year subscription to the monthly bulletin of the ICS.

Best regards,


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What is the newsletter and how much? No matter!! Please subscribe me and send a bill no matter what!

Alan Cicco

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Dear Sirs,

It was a friend that gave me photocopies of your Bulletin. I found the content very interesting so that I decided to subscribe this nice publication. Consequently, please find here enclosed my check...

Please send me copies from Jan 98 (Volume 14, No. 1) and accept my best thanks in advance.

Sincerely yours

M. Saleh

* * * * *

Dear Brothers;

I became very happy when I saw your homepage on internet. People who do not have any information about Islam can find whatever they want in this homepage. You prepared this homepage so well that I used in my anthology.


Remzi Caner Yilmaz

* * * * *

I just found your website and would like a complimentary copy of your newsletter. Thanks!

Irene Zundel

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