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Submitters Perspective

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13th Annual Conference Notes

The thirteenth annual conference of submitters was held in Seattle, Washington September 4-6, 1998. The conference took place at the Embassy Suites. This is an absolutely beautiful hotel with a central atrium area full of trees and light. The hotel rooms were large and cozy, the food was excellent and the conference facilities were spacious and comfortable. Our thanks to the people who worked so hard to set it all up; great job.

We were expecting a small group this year so we were very pleasantly surprised to find at least 150 people in attendance. It was very heartening to see so many familiar faces make the trip from all over the world and it was wonderful to meet and come to know so many new submitters. It’s always refreshing to welcome first timers and share their enthusiasm.

The Friday khutba (sermon) was delivered by Amir Kia and it was wonderful. Amir is eloquent, sincere and enthusiastic, so strong in his devotion to God and his understanding of submission. Once again we are reassured that the future is in good hands.

The program of speakers was varied and interesting. Some of the scheduled speakers could not come to the conference because of the airline strike or other commitments, but there were always two or three ready to step up and share their experiences and their excitement. More than 25 speakers ranging in age from 7 to 70 offered a variety of topics, all of them glorifying God. It was a time for everyone to re-examine the strength of their faith and the direction we wish our community to take. We were united in our determination to keep God’s religion alive and strong, to move forward on His path. Only with dedication and hard work will God’s message survive and spread. Those who chose other paths must go their way; that is their choice. Submitters need to stand up for the practices of submission and be stern against those who would change and subvert the religion.

We hope to take strength from the support and friendship of fellow submitters and to remain strongly on God’s true path for another year, until we meet again, God willing, in 1999.

Lydia Kelley