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Submitters Perspective

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MASJID TUCSON United Submitters International

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Comments on the Internet

Hello there. I stumbled onto your website a while back, and was deeply impressed by all the information your site provided. Not only do you do just give the information, but you actually support everything you provide with documentation from the Quran. That was the most important thing to me.

Everything you said I would look up in the Quran I keep in front of me when I read your website. You always stress the importance of looking the information up on our own and not to just accept what someone says without referring to the Quran. Thank you so much.

I was born a submitter, alhamdulilah, and raised I guess you could say a Sunni. Since I found your site, I have denounced that whole notion of Sunni and Shiite and all the other supposedly Islamic sects. I never really understood much of the things that as a Sunni, I was supposed to believe.

However, since my whole family and everyone else around me said it was the way, I would just accept it. Much of what they said was like taboo. For instance, saying that using your left hand to eat was sinful; if you didn’t do things a certain way, then something bad would happen to you; a black cat was a jinn and if you didn’t say a certain thing when it passed by you, then something bad would happen etc. Most importantly was the hadiths. I have now stopped referring to the hadiths for guidance. If the Quran says it is complete and fully detailed, than that is what I will only use to learn to be and act as a submitter…

A Reader