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should strive to do this among the people the best we can. God will keep showing us how in different ways.

And eat and drink moderately; Surely, He does not love the gluttons (7:31).

Let me share with you a small way. A while ago I was with business associates at a restaurant in the US. We discussed food waste issues and the usual answers featured. The first thing I had to do was actually show them that I try not to waste food (or water). God commands us to set the best example, and not to say what we do not do. Next was to point out that this would be advocated in all scriptures. That goes well with most people who see you as a supporter of righteousness. Then we talked about how we shouldn’t be wasting God’s provisions as the same amount of money could be donated to a poor person instead. After that we discussed if we could plan our orders to get only what we really needed to eat, yet enjoy the meal thoroughly. It is possible to order less, “smaller

steak” sizes for example, and everyone could share one serving of salad. If the salads were free per person, simply accept only one. What doesn’t need to come to the table doesn’t get wasted! The same with water. Is it necessary to have your glass refilled when you don’t intend to drink more than a sip, if at all? MashaAllah, one of the people told me a few days later that he understood the point and had stopped wasting food completely. He now orders and eats accordingly. Imagine everyone doing that! Similar discussions have brought similar results. I have actually had many people confess to their food waste habits and God willing they are enjoining others among their friends and families.

Waste is in many ways. Water too. Just look around and you will see how much. People open taps and don’t use all the water that flows (except what can’t be helped). So often they leave them half-open. They don’t care. But as a believer, you have an obligation to honor God’s provisions to you. Remember, God can reverse the situation on you anytime. Then you will wish you never wasted food or water!

God doesn’t make us do anything without good reason even if we don’t understand the benefits. Some are obvious like economic and social benefits. God has given us the brains to figure such things out. Brothers and sisters, directly or indirectly if you please God, He will make it up to you manifold in this life and the Hereafter. And God never breaks His promise. Let us endeavor to do the best we can to fulfill all of our Lord’s commandments. God is Bounteous, Most Wise.

Kais Rahimtulla, Mumbai, India