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Submitters Perspective

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14th Annual Conference Notes

God loves those who fight in His cause united in one column, like the bricks in one wall. [61:4]

You shall sing the praises of your Lord, and be with the prostrators. [15:98]

The 14th annual international submitters’ conference was held from July 30th 1999 to August 1st 1999 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. It began with the warm and joyful meeting of the family members during registration. The Friday khutbah beautifully illustrated that real happiness is a quality of the soul, and that to develop our soul we need to work on keeping God as our priority.

It was good to see many new faces during the introductions, and listen to people’s experiences. Praise God, the talks were wonderful and covered various aspects including God’s beautiful attributes, on being appreciative, realizing how fortunate we are, qualities of the righteous, trusting and submitting wholeheartedly to God Alone, and God’s marvels in His creations.

Each day brought its new experiences, and the listening to the young and young at heart was a very positive and energizing experience. Besides the regular talks, we had beautiful Quran recitation and studies, commemorative singing, poems, a skit, and even rap music, all in praise and devotion to God Alone.

Another thing that was brought to light was the spread of God’s message through the internet with literally millions of hits on the website (www.submission. org) from people in over a hundred countries all over the world.

After the conference, the submitters of Vancouver had arranged a chartered boat cruise along the scenic city bay. Once again we reveled in devotion to God while enjoying some excellent food for both the body and the soul.

All in all, this conference was one of the best in the recent times, and left one with a wonderful feeling of happiness, learning and peace. InshaAllah we look forward to many more such conferences. May God bless us all.

[2:201] ... “Our Lord, grant us righteousness in this world, and righteousness in the Hereafter, and spare us the retribution of Hell.”

Nargis Currim

[Note: God willing the next year’s conference will be held in Tucson, Arizona.]