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Submitters Perspective

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MASJID TUCSON United Submitters International

PO Box 43476 Tucson AZ 85733-3476 USA

Tel/Fax: (520) 323 7636

Masjid Tucson site: http://www.masjidtucson.org

Masjid Tucson e-mail: info@masjidtucson.org

Happiness is
Submission to God Alone

ISSN 1089-053X


The Charities of the Believer

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God in His infinite Mercy gives us every opportunity of reaching Him. Unfortunately most of mankind are oblivious to His signs. Therefore, extend God a loan of righteousness and give of your money and your lives to God. For this is a loan that will never go to waste.

Surely, the charitable men and women have loaned God a loan of goodness. They will receive their reward multiplied manifold; they have deserved a generous recompense (57:18).

Such is God’s promise and God never breaks a promise. (3:9)

Linda M.


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