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There were once two brothers who lived on the 80th level. On coming home one day, they realised to their dismay that the lifts (elevators) were not working and that they had to climb the stairs home.

After struggling to the 20th level, panting and tired, they decided to abandon their bags and come back for them the next day. They left their bags there and climbed on. When they struggled to the 40th level, the younger brother started to grumble and both of them began to quarrel. They continued to climb the flights of steps, quarrelling all the way to the 60th floor.

They then realised that they had only 20 levels more to climb and decided to stop quarrelling and continue climbing in peace. They silently climbed on and reached their home at long last. Each stood calmly before the door and waited for the other to open the door. And they realised that the key was in their bags which were left on the 20th floor….

This story is a reflection on our lives... Many of us live under the expectations of our parents, teachers and friends when young. We seldom get to do the things that we really like and love and are under so much pressure and stress so that by the age of 20, we get tired and decide to dump this load.

Being free of the stress and pressure, we work enthusiastically and dream ambitious wishes. But by the time we reach 40 years old, we start to lose our vision and dreams.

We began to feel unsatisfied and start to complain and criticise. We live life in misery as we are never satisfied. Reaching 60, we realise that we have little time left for complaining and we began to walk the final episode in peace and calmness.

We think that there is nothing left to disappoint us, only to realise that we cannot rest in peace because we have an unfulfilled dream, a dream we abandoned 60 years ago....

So what is your dream? ... Follow your dreams so that you will not live with regrets… [Of course our ultimate dream should be to make into God’s kingdom by His grace and mercy. Therefore we should worship God alone and follow His path so that we will not have eternal remorse in the Hereafter.]

Submitted by Sister Asia from Singapore

Comments on the WEB


Now THIS is what I feel Islam is all about. I have looked over many of your articles, and love them.

I was raised in the Anglican Church, and was going to be a priest, and during my studies, I have found how when man puts in something a prophet was suppose to have said, it can change a religion forever and is nothing like it once was.

I like your article on Dogs. You know, it is said Dogs can also see things we cannot. Like things in the spirit world. Maybe this is why Satan causes the Hadith to speak against them, because they might warn up of him, or his followers.

I think the Quran is great, however the Hadith takes away from the Quran, and make Islam look very silly, and full of fables.

I have seen the idol worship in Islam. It is there. Muhammad is given a place right along side GOD, and it is wrong.

A submitter in Kentucky