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Splitting of the Moon:

Quranic Prophecy

Man Walking on Moon

There is a very fascinating prophecy in the Quran regarding the Moon landing that was done by NASA in 1969. Sura (Chapter) 54 of the Quran is entitled “The Moon” and starts right away by giving us news about the splitting of the moon as a sign that the end of the world is drawing close.

“The moon has split and the hour has drawn closer.” (54:1)

Now when did the prophecy come to pass? To answer that, one must keep the prophecy in mind: “The moon has split.” This is a metaphor. Parts of the moon have left its surface. They no longer are part of the moon. So, the prophecy does not refer to the landing on the moon or to the first step made by Neil Armstrong but to the fact that Armstrong and Aldrin collected 21 kilograms of lunar rocks to bring back to earth.

The prophecy of Moon splitting was fulfilled at the very moment the astronauts left the moon (split the Moon) in the lunar module containing 21 kilograms of rocks that had belonged to the moon. This can be confirmed by checking the definition of “split” in any dictionary. Among the definitions given by are – “to divide, disunite, separate.” The date this prophecy came to pass was on July

21, 1969. The moment the prophecy was fulfilled is confirmed by the hour of departure of the lunar module, which left the lunar surface at 17:54:1 (Universal Time). As we know, verse 54:1 is the verse that deals with the prophecy. The minute and second of the departure (Moon splitting) is the same as the chapter number and verse number of the prophecy.

Also the mathematical miracle of the Quran based on number 19 confirms this prophecy too:

The prophecy of Moon Splitting came to pass on July 21, 1969. Let us write those numbers down in the format used by most countries: 21/07/1969. We get 21071969 and 21071969 = 19 x 1109051 (Multiple of 19). It is interesting to note that the American date of landing is also coded. The lunar module landed on 7/20/1969 according to the USA time zones. Indeed: 7201969 = 19 x 379051 (again multiple of 19).

It is also interesting that the word “moon” in 54:1 is the 19th occurrence of this word from the beginning of the Quran out of 26 total occurrences. This links this landing to the 19-based mathematical miracle of the Quran.

So, the prophecy described in verse 54:1 was fulfilled on 21 July 1969

at 17:54:1 (Universal Time) when the lunar module left the moon carrying 21 kilograms of lunar rocks. Let us add the Sura number (54), the verse number (1), the day (21), the month (07) and the year (1969); we get: 54 + 1 + 21 + 7 + 1969 = 2052 or 19 x 108 (again multiple of 19).

There are 4845 verses from the beginning of the Quran to verse 54:1, and 4845 is a multiple of 19 (19 x 255). Also from the prophecy in verse 54:1 in the Quran to the end of the Quran, there are 1389 verses. Remarkably, the year 1389 in the Islamic calendar is equivalent to the year 1969 which is the year that the first man landed on the Moon!

Also, Sura 54 itself has 55 verses. Now if we write 551389 next to each other, it will give us the exact day, month, and year that Apollo 11 landed on the moon: 07/20/1969. In other words, 5/5/1389 (in Islamic calendar) = 07/20/1969.

We also get an interesting result if we add the digits of 1389 or 4845. They both result in 21. We get 1+3+8+9 = 21 and 4+8+4+5 = 21. It was the 21st of July of 1969 that NASA lifted off the Moon (splitting it)!

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