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GOD is running everything

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We must constantly remind ourselves GOD is running everything especially when we are at the brink of objecting to something or losing our temper. When we lose our temper, we should tell ourselves we are not submitters, because we are objecting to what GOD is doing.
This is a quality of GOD, which we must recognize. GOD is the doer of everything, but nothing bad comes from GOD. Bad things are the consequences of our own deeds.

Anything bad that happens to you is a consequence of you own deeds, and He overlooks many of your sins. (42.30)

When we disbelieve or break GOD’s laws, we step out of GOD's kingdom. Then Satan may inflict some damage. However, even the actions

of Satan are under GOD's control. GOD would not be a god if he weren’t running everything.

For example, GOD created fire. We can use fire to cook, and we can also put our fingers in fire, and burn them. GOD created fire to be our servant, but if we choose to put our fingers in fire and suffer, then this suffering is from us, not GOD. It is one of GOD's physical laws that when we touch fire it burns. Similarly, if we disobey GOD and use intoxicants, commit adultery or break other laws of GOD, the punishment is the same as the fire—that is we suffer sooner or later.

The consequence or punishment for these sins is just as bad as the physical punishment for putting one’s fingers in the fire—even more painful, only not as visible.

So, if GOD is doing everything, what is our role? What do we do? We do only one thing. The decision. To be with GOD or to be with

Satan. After that, GOD takes over. The decision to submit is already done. The choice is to willingly submit, or unwillingly submit. For example, people who don't believe in GOD are still submitting to GOD, except they are submitting unwillingly. GOD runs everything. GOD wants His creations to be free as far as decisions are concerned, until the Day of Judgment. Then on the Day of Judgment everyone will submit willingly, including the people who refused to submit to Him willingly in this life. But it will be too late for them.

GOD created you from dust, then from a tiny drop, then He causes you to reproduce through your spouses. No female becomes pregnant, nor gives birth, without His knowledge. No one survives for a long life, and no one's life is snapped short, except in accordance with a pre-existing record. This is easy for GOD. (35:11)

James H. / New Zealand

[Ed. note: a major portion of the article is based on the Dr. Khalifa's khutba on the same topic.]

Story of a Brother Down Under

My dearest family in Submission at Masjid Tucson

I write this letter in spirit of good faith, sending my warmest salutation to you and fellow Submitters there in Masjid Tucson.

I live in Perth, Australia, and have been constantly visiting your tremendous and insightful web site on the true Islam (Submission to God Alone). God be glorified and due to His infinite grace, and thanks to your marvelous efforts with the monthly Submitters Perspective newsletters and other literature, I have now a better understanding about Submission that I did not know before.

Just like the majority of believers, I had been raised up in the traditional Islam in a Sunni/Hanafi environment. Since a young age, I have always been a spiritual person and loved hearing tales about God and religion. However, whenever my eldest used to discuss religious matters with me, I would always hear it from hadith (so-called stories of Muhammad) and very little from the Quran. To keep the story brief, last year (2004) I performed my Hajj, and I was so amazed and taken by the great experience that when I arrived home I began to search deeper information on Islam. After going through the dozen of so-called "Islamic" web sites, God Almighty pointed me to the right sources on the true Islam. He somehow brought me to your web site and, and I haven't stopped visiting your web site ever since I found it on my screen.

I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for spreading the real truth about Islam. God bless you, always.

Yours truly,


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