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Submitters Perspective

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Masjid Tucson Activities

Soup Kitchen

We participate in an ongoing project to help feed the hungry in our town in cooperation with Casas Adobes Congregational Church and Congregation Whovarin, Temple Emanuel Jewish groups. This project was started in 1993. By God’s grace, we feed about 400 homeless and poor families every month.

We use the kitchen facilities of Casa Maria, a Catholic run operation in south of Tucson. We also use the facility of Masjid Tucson (ICS Center) to prepare 600 sandwiches the day before since Casa Maria kitchen is too small for our group. More or less three volunteers from each group make the sandwiches. Children also participate in making the sandwiches. They are great helpers.

Volunteers from the three communities run the soup kitchen. These volunteers get together once a month. They buy all the necessary food for the soup kitchen. They prepare, cook and distribute the food the next day at the Casa Maria’s kitchen facility.

Interfaith Study Group

An interfaith scripture study group has been on going at the ICS Center (Masjid Tucson) for years. The group meets generally at 7:30 p.m. on the first Monday of every month. During the study, each group reads and discusses their scripture for about half an hour. These stuidies are helpful. For example, Congregation Or Chadash group frequently publishes selected verses from the Quran in their newsletters.

Let_the_World_Know Project

Free Qurans to Libraries anywhere in the world upon approval

We are looking for volunteers who will help us to place the Qurans in Public, University, Prison, or Hospital libraries. There is a high demand for the Quran translations in the libraries to learn more about Islam. Let us make an effort to spread the message of True Islam (Submission) to the people looking for information on Islam. Let us provide them the correct message so that they realize the beauty, peacefulness and universality of the religion despite the “corrupted” image reflected by some people and countries.

It has been our experience that unsolicited mailing of the Qurans to libraries does not accomplish much. Therefore, we have an on-going project called Let_the_World_Know to place the Qurans into the libraries with the help of volunteers.

God willing the work required of the volunteers is to solicit the libraries and to offer them a complimentary copy of the English translation of the Quran by Dr. Rashad Khalifa, to see if they would be interested. You can talk to the librarians about placing the Qurans in their library, either in person or by phone or email. If they accept the offer, all you need to do is to let us know the name the librarian you have spoken to and the address. God willing we will mail the Qurans directly to them from Masjid Tucson with a cover letter. Just write to us when you know of a library where we can place a copy of the Quran.

Please get involved. You can start checking out your local libraries to see if they have copies of English translation of the Quran by Dr. Khalifa. This could be your chance to earn extra credit in the cause of God. You can write to us,

or check out our web page . There are some helpful hints about how to reach out to the libraries. There is also a list of libraries that have already been contacted so that the efforts are not duplicated.

Speaking on Islam

We have been invited to speak about Islam at a forum of 65 or more people in Tubac, a small town south of Tucson. We were told that they will have a standing room only group when someone from our mosque addresses them. Those attending are divided 50/50 between working people and retirees.

Below is what they want from us:

The Forum's interest in your religion goes well beyond a simple understanding of its precepts. There is becoming, perhaps in the general population, a growing concern that the concept of Islam is not compatible with democracy.

It appears to some that, at the time of 911, few believers in the religion of Islam, whether or not Americans, spoke out against the terrorists. Some believe that this is because Islam believes that non believers are corrupt in the eyes of Allah. We see terrorist leaders saying that only by accepting Allah can we be saved and that if we don't accept Allah, then it is alright to murder the non believers, once they have been given the choice. This we hear, is the belief of even moderate Muslims. Submission to God, therefore, is only valid if it comes from the Muslim perspective.

We also wonder why women appear to be inferior to men in the eyes of Islam, subjected to the will of men and, apparently, second class citizens.

We invite you to come to clarify these issues for us.

So God willing that is exactly what we are planning to do.