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Thank you, God

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Those are my personal blessings and every time I look at them, I need to remember to thank God for putting them in my life. What are your personal blessings, and do you remember to appreciate the One who created them?

The more we can remember and appreciate God, the stronger we’ll become in our submission to Him. In verse 2:152 God tells us:

You shall remember Me, that I may remember you, and be thankful to Me; do not be unappreciative. [2:152]

We certainly don’t want to be among those whom God will forget on the Day of Resurrection. He also tells us in 14:7 that there are benefits when we remember to be grateful:

Your Lord has decreed: "The more you thank Me, the more I give you." But if you turn unappreciative, then My retribution is severe. [14:7]

It’s not for God that we need to be appreciative. He doesn’t need our worship or our thanks or anything from us:

If you disbelieve, GOD does not need anyone. But He dislikes to see His servants make the wrong decision. If you decide to be appreciative, He is pleased for you. No soul bears the sins of any other soul. Ultimately, to your Lord is your return, then He will inform you of everything you had done. He is fully aware of the innermost thoughts. [39:7]  

It’s for our own growth and development. In 27:19, Solomon prays for God to make him appreciative. In 31:12, Luqmaan teaches his son to be appreciative. And Abraham is rewarded by God because he was appreciative.

Abraham was indeed an exemplary vanguard in his submission to GOD, a monotheist who never worshiped idols.

Because he was appreciative of His Lord's blessings, He chose him and guided him in a straight path. We granted him happiness in this life, and in the Hereafter he will be with the righteous. [16:120-2] 

Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful holiday in the US. It’s a time when most people take a moment (out of football and turkey) to thank God. But every day should be Thanksgiving Day. Every day there are so many things—big and small—that we should be appreciative of. And it’s not just the things that happen, it’s also the things that don’t happen. You drove home without an accident; you don’t have pneumonia; you’re not starving. So, next time you stub your toe, say “Thank You, God. I have feet to walk on.” Next time you take a breath of air, say “Thank You, God.” Next time your car starts, say, “Thank You, God.”

God tells us in 14:34 that we can never be appreciative enough of all the things He’s given us, but we need to try. And the more we thank Him, the more He gives us. What a blessing!

 And He gives you all kinds of things that you implore Him for. If you count GOD's blessings, you can never encompass them. Indeed, the human being is transgressing, unappreciative. [14:34]



Comments From Submitters

Salaam fellow Muslims

I was very moved last night by the devout, level-headed and God-loving words that you use to describe your beliefs on your web site.

Finally, someone (hopefully more than one!) who have an enlightened sense of interpreting Allah's wishes and our duties as rational humans.


I am sorry to say that mainstream Muslims seem to be following a less spiritual/faithful but more "religious" path.

Forgetting that loving God is, above all, the best way to please God, not religiosity and silly customs of "hijab," false piety, etc.

Bless you guys, gives me some hope that there are some Muslims out there who are as tolerant as Islam itself is….

M. R. M.


Salamun alaikum

In 1986 as a young man of 26 I received 3 books with regards to Quran alone, mathematical code of the Quran and Quran, Hadith and Islam. I used to talk to Rashad Khalifa on the phone too.

Fast forward at the age of 47, mankind nearly a hundred percent have no knowledge and they can't be bothered by this miracle 19.

This miracle is so mind shattering that only the unfortunate will not 'see it.’

Allah's intelligence is beyond belief!!! To Him be glory alone. Full stop. He is HOLY ALONE...

Your latest article on Ramadan is informative and nice.

Read. Keep it up.



Peace to you Masjid Tucson, 

I just felt inspired to write and tell you the more I read your site the more I enjoy it.

You have made clear so many topic and the mathematics is amazing (I have a mathematics/physics degree from Memorial University).

Thank you for the information you personally wrote to me in the past.


P. S. — B.Sc., B.Eng.


For You, Lord, are good, and ready to forgive, and abundant in mercy to all those who call upon You.”   Psalm 86:5