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Submitters Perspective

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When the Going Gets Tough (January 2007)

There is no god besides God (February 2007)
Anecdote—Crackpot (February 2007)

Our Amazing Spaceship Earth  (March 2007)

Who Is God? (April 2007)

Who is Ezra ('Uzair)? (April 2007)

Is Islam Spread by the Sword? (April 2007)

Guidance: A Gift from God (May 2007)

God's Amazing Creature: Dog (May 2007)

Education in “Muslim” Countries (June 2007)

Idolatry and the Trinity (June 2007)

Happiness is Submission to God Alone (July 2007)

News and Comments from Mauritius Submitters (July 2007)

Why the Quran is the Best Hadith (July 2007)

The A-B-C’s of Meditation (August 2007)

Self Knowledge and Spiritual Yearning (August 2007)

Who Is Your God? (August 2007)

Ramadan: A Great Blessing (September 2007)

Anecdote—The Duck and the Devil (September 2007)

2007 Conference Report (September 2007)

Reflections from the Conference (September 2007)

What Goes Around Comes Around (September 2007)

One Message: One God (October 2007)

The Night of Destiny (October 2007)

My Path to Submission (October 2007)

Thank You God (November 2007)

Sects: Satan's Handiwork (November 2007)

Not a single leaf falls…(6:59) (November 2007)

Windows to the Universe (December 2007)

The Message of the Quran is Universal (December 2007)