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The Soul Seeketh HIM

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This was my advice to my mom who had misplaced 10,000 dollars in her room which was meant to be paid to the bank for a deposit. I was at work at that time, as an adult woman. She was in despair when she called me, shaken, as it was a big sum she could not find. I told her “please Ma, just kneel in prayer, and ASK the LORD.” She called me within 10 minutes after she hung up the phone after my advice to her to go in prayer to ask the LORD, and she was screaming that a miracle happened! The money was in the same place she had checked earlier which was not to be found then, and now it was there! Right below her pillow. She screamed at the faith I had. She screamed that I was right. There was a miracle. There was GOD.

To me, that was LOVE. I felt God truly loves us no matter who we are, what race we are, and even, what religion we are from. The fact is, we are human beings, made at His mercy and our main purpose is to serve Him only. The ONE AND ONLY GOD Almighty. Someday the whole world shall know this ONE ALMIGHTY GOD and I pray these lost souls shall soon find Him. You just need to SEEK, and you shall find.

I was a Christian before, brought up with beautiful, inspiring thoughts of LOVE. The Christian wants to serve  the people around them with love, regardless of race and religion. That was the mind-set I had as I moved on in life. I became acquainted with friends of other races and religions. It was my biggest gift that God gave me the gift of kindness and friendliness. It was easy for anyone to love me and be loved in return as friends. I met my Muslim friends back in my workplace.

It was a splendid journey that I was introduced to Islam. I was very open to talking about any religion at all. I was even curious about Hinduism, Buddhism and others just because my friends were all from so many different faiths and I loved them all very much.

My Muslim friends were close to me as well. When a Muslim friend of mine gave me the first Quran in a language I was not good in at all, I read it despite having trouble understanding it. But to me, the message was from the same GOD OF LOVE that I knew of. But in this doctrine, God seemed more particular and strict about OBEYING HIS commandments. God meant business here! You had to work righteousness, and you “worship ME ALONE,” He said… I thought for a long time. I felt a bell ring in my ear.

I was interested, and sought more details about this GOD. Then, my colleague guided me to understand Allah (God Almighty). I felt a love from of old when I hear His Name. There must be something in me that connect to this god. He must be closer to me than my thoughts. Then I read about His attributes. It was so amazing. He has the most beautiful words to describe Him. And yes, this is in the Old Testament of the Bible that I came across many times before. I loved the Psalms of the Bible because in it, I saw the words of the Quran come alive.

It was so uplifting and inspiring to praise and magnify Our Creator. I started searching the internet for English Quran online and I was always reading the Quran online at work . I could have bought the English Quran but all they had was Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s translation which was a 1934 edition. I couldn’t understand that English. So I just enjoyed reading the English Quran at my office computer.

At the point of seeking to pray, I asked a lady how to pray. The minute she gave me a website, I checked others as well, and noticed all had the Prophet Muhammad’s name inside to be recited in prayers. I was doubtful of the prayer.

I did not know the Prophet, and here people were asking me to bless him that I didn’t know of. Well, I did not want to hurt anyone nor offend my friends. I accepted it, but deep within my heart there was always a question of why. I also questioned if this was the way to worship, since they called it Abraham’s faith. Then did Abraham pray and recite Muhammad’s name to get blessings? Abraham is our father of old and came a long time before Prophet Muhammad existed. It did not make sense to me. I chose to leave out the name of Muhammad in my prayers because my deep instinct told me that I am meant to worship GOD ALONE.

When my colleague heard what I said about Muhammad’s name being left out in my prayers, she said I won’t be helped in the Hereafter, and that it is a MUST to praise (salawat) the Prophet. I laughed and asked her if all the prophets of old and those who prayed before Muhammad’s time were going to hell? She kept silent and was dumbfounded at the logic. I then told her calmly, I agree to certain extent, but I also choose to disagree to certain extent. It’s my grave and let it be between God and myself. She left and I was at a loss at their faith. How could they believe something without thinking?
The converts come from a total different point of view than a Muslim’s point of view. We decide based on logic. For example, I can’t accept what someone says just because I’m told by a certain scholar that this is compulsory. I have a mind that thinks. Obviously God has blessed us with brains to think for ourselves. Even when the Quran says something I don’t understand, I am one who asks God. Praise God, I have always got my answers whenever I pray and ask God for the answers.

Believe me, there is no harm asking God because we are truly dumb creatures that need God’s loving Hands

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