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I am grateful to God that He has let me see the real light from within the Qur’an itself. In fact, the Qur’an speaks for itself and it is so perfect than to need a support such as those man-made hadiths or sunnah. It is a crazy issue when so many sects resulted due to the many Muslim Scholars who chose to idolize the Prophet and the Hadiths, and these men who did not read the real meaning of the Qur’an for the accurate message. I felt it was soooo political.
There was a class I attended last month beginning when I asked a learned Ustaz (teacher) how do we authenticate the Hadiths based on human understanding when I found so many contradictions and even gave him examples of it? He could not answer me but he was merely giving me excuses.

He was ridiculing the Christians of their many sects or divisions based on their Catholic, Protestant, Methodist, etc. But at my question he just looked at me with a stunned look on his face. I told him we are no better than the Christians who bring in divisions when we divide ourselves into sects with so many different opinions where  we have only ONE Qur’an! At least the Catholics have a Bible that is a little different than the Protestants (81 books in Catholic with Apocrypha and 66 books in Protestant), so their division is reasonable to notice.

But I was talking right now about Islam, and this is about the Qur’an. He was diverting my question with excuses, and could not go further when I asked him to come back to my question. Wasn’t it supposed to be the ULTIMATE GUIDANCE for mankind? Why do we even need the Hadiths? He was quoting me phrases that made me feel like a fool and a great sinner. I just smiled and said “I choose to have MY CREATOR ONLY and the book - QURAN ONLY.” I do not agree with MAZHABS (sects).
That was it - HISTORY. I never attended any classes or fellowship with them. I rather study or let Allah guide my understanding at the Cybercafe. It worked all these while, Alhamdulilah (Praise be to God).

I just can never agree when they touch other people’s faith without being sensitive to their feelings. Be it Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Tao, Zoroastrian, etc, who are we to judge these people? Aren’t we supposed to show them respect and love to bring them towards the truth, only with love for them to know the truth? I would rather share with them my sincere love of God and see their response, and let it be full of laughter

and love in my speech to introduce this God they already feel connected to, and just trying to seek Him. Did you know many other faiths are truly, madly, deeply in love with Our Almighty God that makes them seek, seek, and seek Him without aid? This is where we come in. By word of mouth to spread the message of Love to them.

I can’t afford buying anything to promote their understanding, but I use my knowledge and help show them through action. I have a load of my Christian family who are still Christians and are strong in their religion, to bring the message through my pure actions and if possible, my understanding. These are the issues we reverts (converts) face and yet we do not complain, because to us, God equally brings peace and happiness in our soul despite those rough journey.

Brother, I choose to dwell in the Mercy and Kindness of God all times. It is His will that MUST BE DONE, and not ours. I am humbly thanking you for the beautiful offer to send me the Qur’an translated by Dr. Rashad Khalifa and any material you feel shall assist my learning. I am most grateful to you and may Almighty God bless you on earth and the Hereafter, and may God’s blessings overflow in Masjid Tucson with financial help from people around the world, love, support and all best blessings for eternity.

Sincerely, I became your website’s faithful fan a month ago when I bumped into while searching for a simple Qur’an in English. I know it was my Almighty God who brought this path. I am very grateful for your gracious help and May God bless you abundantly on earth and the hereafter. Amin.

Brother, we do have a few libraries here in Malaysia. It is my duty to spread the truth to the lost. I shall get the contacts and email you details to send them the Qur’an to be placed in the libraries.

Please do remember to introduce me to some SUBMITTERS in Malaysia, as I sincerely would love to meet and have a good support group within people who think like me in Malaysia, thus, if you know any of them here, do introduce to me, or forward my details to them that we shall get in touch. It will be great to join more Submitters in the TRUE Light. In everything we do, God has strengthened us with great mercy and kindness to bring us to the REAL LIGHT.

I thank you once again, and look forward to receiving my humble request.

Almighty God’s peace and blessings be upon you and everyone who strive towards the truth of the real Islam based purely on the Qur’an. Amin.



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I purchased your Quran translation recently and I read it to try to understand the friction between Islam and the rest of the world.   I realized I have been a submitter all my life and I accept and believe Muhammad and the Quran.  The friction comes because of the Hadith, other writings, misinterpretations and power hungry people.

Is there some ritual or oath or other obligation I must do to become a recognized Muslim with your organization?

Will acceptance in your organization give me acceptance as a Muslim in the rest of the world?

Thank you for your good works.


[Ed.’s notes. Regarding your first question, the answer is no. There is no ritual necessary. God knows your innermost thoughts and whether you believe in Him alone. If you say you are a Muslim (Submitter), and acknowledge in your heart that “There is no God beside God” (La elahe ella Allah, in Arabic), it is enough for us and you are our brother in faith. We recommend continuing to read and study the Quran for God’s guidance. The rest is with you and God. (See verse 3:18)

Regarding your second question, you will have some challenges with the traditional Muslims who may want you to utter Prophet Muhammad’s name in your statement of faith. They may also want you to follow sources other than the Quran for religious guidance. We suggest that you do no worry whether others would accept you as a Muslim (Submitter). It is sufficient that God knows that you are a Submitter. That is the only thing that matters.

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