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Your Comments

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From S. Africa


I found your website accidently while searching for Salaat (Contact Prayers), a few days ago. What I have read thus far is most interesting.

I am a Muslim who has been taught to recite the salawat of prophet Muhammed and Abraham in the sitting position of my Salaat.

I was told that the prophet himself sent salawat on himself as he wanted to teach his followers to do so. I have done this all my life without it making sense to me.

What you say about Salaat is making sense to me. This is why I have replaced the salawat with the shahada. This change does feel kind of uncomfortable. How can I be sure I am doing the right thing?

We were taught that Allah and the angels sends salaams to the prophet so all those who believe must do it too. (from Quran).

Can you give me more info to make me more comfortable, please?

Today is the 10 Muharram, when the hypocrites massacred the prophet’s family. I have always wondered what else they destroyed that we are not aware of?

I have always been disturbed by certain hadith, just the other day I read in Quran that the punishment for adultery is flogging. I could not understand why they need to be stoned? Ar Rahmaan, The Most Forgiving would not be so harsh. I could not accept the stoning especially as it was not in Quran.


I was also very angered that people are still mutilating female genitals in the name of Islam. I saw in a documentary some Ulema are still condoning it! (not all).

Every time I have questioned about matters like this, I never get satisfactory answers.

This is why I was really excited to have found your website by chance. I am 55 years old and I have not heard of Rashad Khalifa before.

I live in Cape Town. South Africa. Are there any submitters here? Do you have any contact details? I would love to have discussion with them.



* * * * *

From Australia


I always felt that monotheism was the case regardless of what I read, I guess it’s instinct, common sense.

I've struggled with my ego and insecurities for the last 7 years. I lost faith in myself yet my instinct hasn't died. It’s just pathetic non entities that keep feeding me to fail. I feel like I'm alone in my trail of thought of 19 (meaning God Alone).

I wasn't raised a Muslim, whatever that concept means I mean not in a Muslim environment, I guess it’s good because I may have fallen into belief of Hadith and Sunna.

I'm biracial, my dad's white and from Australia and my mother is Melanesian from Papua New Guinea, they're pretty supportive of me, I mean they don't revere me indifferent but everything else surrounding me handicaps me. I guess it’s my test.


I just find it hard to discipline myself in basic things that are very important, like praying. It’s so hard for me to even remember how I prayed and fell asleep with the Qu'ran every night by my side once I had finally found it. It’s like life got in the way and my old habits came into effect and I'm living in another type of Hadith and Sunna, like the western
world's concept of life.

It’s really hard for me to find faith in myself to remember who God is because I'm shamed of my actions so daily. It’s like this, I can't even look at the Qu'ran because I'm ashamed.

I know it’s just the sneaky whisperer and my indulging of him but I don't know if I'm strong enough.

Regards and thanks for listening.


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