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Comments From An Iranian Submitter

In the name of Allah,


... I was born in [x] in Iran. You know that 80 percent of Iranian people are Shia, believing 12 Imams after Muhammad. These Imams are considered to be a complementary to the Quran!

Iranian people have many gods: 12 Imams, Muhammad's daughter Fatima, and Muhammad himself. But this is not enough to satisfy them, therefore additional gods are required (heroes of Karbala battle): Abbas ibn Ali (Abol-fadhl), Zainab (Ali's daughter) and even Hussain's infant: Ali Asqar!

There are over 100,000 tombs of so-called Fatima's offspring; they are in each city and village! People think that these tombs have the power of intercession!

I hesitated in believing religious ideas since childhood. I entered the university to study medicine in 1988. I educated as a general practitioner in 1995. I was a disbeliever till 5 years ago. Thereafter I became an ignorant Muslim, but with many doubts and suspicions about Shia.

Last year I visited a Bahai man. I asked him to bring me their books. They believe that Aqdas and Iqan are revelations to their prophet. After I studied these books, I found that belief in hidden imam (12th imam) terminated to making Bahai religion.

Then I concluded that true and real Islam is Sunnism, but which sect should be my choice: Hanafi, Shafe'i, Hanbali or Maleki? I studied about these sects and their books.

These sects claim that they have the real Sunna, but there is much controversy among them. I was confused till two months ago. Accidentally (now I know that it was not an accident but guidance from my God) I entered your website, and now I am trying to be a submitter.

But there are many problems, you know. Nobody can believe true Islam. My colleagues laugh at me and say he is crazy. I told the truth to my parents and my brothers, praise be to God, they are thinking about it. My mother said to me: be careful! Otherwise you will be sentenced to death by the government as an apostate.

My wife is a nice woman and she is [x] years old. She accepted that the majority of people are idolaters but she cannot still believe that a woman can pray while menstruating.

Obviously in Iran there are a few submitters, I know just two of them by their websites... I cannot meet them because they cannot introduce themselves. Iranian supreme leader thinks that he is the representative of Mahdi (hidden imam), then you can suppose what will be the punishment for those who deny Mahdi.

I am very depressed for ignorance of people. I am so alone, for example how can I observe my Friday prayer?

I have a plenty of questions to ask. Would I ask your help to assist your just awaked drowsy brother, God willing?

Sincerely yours.    

[Name withheld]

Ed.’s note: Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. They are important to all submitters to reflect on. Please send your comments to God bless you.]

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