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A Submitter’s Comments on the Conference

Salaam Alaykum to all my newly found Brothers and Sisters,

God willing this finds everyone in good health and spirits.  I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank each of you for making me feel so welcome at my first Submitters conference.  Mashallah (It’s God’s gift),
it was a wondrous experience for me and I truly feel blessed for having the opportunity to attend. 

I honestly expected to find that the conference would have reiterated much of what I had already discovered from Rashad Khalifa's translation of the Quran and the various articles and websites I had happened upon over the past 8 years.  But much to my surprise and joy, I found myself being introduced to new topics, new discoveries and new points of view which I am happy to say have increased my understanding of the Quran, strengthened my spirit and rejuvenated my sense of purpose in this life, Mashallah! 

Everything from the informative, and in some cases awesome presentations, to the Quran study sessions into the early hours; all in all, it added up to my becoming even more enlightened,

and all the more dedicated to living the righteous life God expects of me. 

After some very trying days of withdrawing from the company of so many good spirited people, I have settled back into my somewhat secluded submitter lifestyle here in the Charlotte area of North Carolina.  One of my goals was to try to find other submitters from this part of the country and although the closest are about 140 miles away, they are close enough for us to, God willing spend the Night of Destiny together. 

My instincts tell me that I will not be truly fulfilled in this life, until I am able to relocate closer to a community of fellow submitters and God willing, this will become a reality for me someday. If ever anyone is traveling close to this area, please let me know as I would truly appreciate the chance to visit with you again, inshallah! (God willing).

Peace, God’s Blessings and Ramadan Mubarak to everyone!


[Ed’s note: These comments were made for the 2009 conference. God willing if those of you who attended the annual conference have any comments or suggestions, please let us know so that we can share them with other submitters. Thank you and God bless.]


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