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Prophet Muhammad was not illiterate

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The meaning of the word "ummiyyeena" in the following verse cannot be "illiterates." [62:2] He is the One who sent to "ummiyyeena" a messenger from among them, to recite to them His revelations, purify them, and teach them the scripture and wisdom. Before this, they had gone far astray.

This is because Prophet Muhammad was not only sent to the people who were all illiterate but also to literate people in his community! Therefore the correct Quranic meaning of "ummiyyeena" in this verse is “gentiles” and Muhammad is not an illiterate prophet but a gentile prophet!.

M. I.

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Comments from an Incarcerated Brother

Dear Brothers, Sisters,

Peace be upon you,

I have been down for 19 years of my life when I first came here I did believe in God. But in the wrong way and then I became a Shiite Muslim for 10 years. I

thought I found the truth until one day on February 28, 2011, they moved me from the cell I was in to a cell with a Submitter Muslim.

At first I was like “you are wrong!” until Allah opened my eyes and took that veil off of me. And he had the real Quran by Rashad Khalifa, The Final Testament. I was studying it everyday that he was here. But he left for a half way house on parole.

If you guys have it in your hearts to send me one, I thank you. Please send me one. I have so much to learn and I have no money to get one. So, if you guys have it in your hearts to send me a Quran by Rashad Khalifa, I will appreciate it. Sura 3:19 is the only way by Allah. Help me brothers and sisters.

Peace be upon you all.

Your brother Paul.

Ed.’s note: We sent a copy of the Quran to this incarcerated brother. There are many others like him. God willing, if you would like to sponsor sending of Qurans to brothers and sisters who cannot afford it, please contact us at info@masjidtucson.org.

[2:245]  Who would lend GOD a loan of righteousness, to have it repaid to them multiplied manifold? GOD is the One who provides and withholds, and to Him you will be returned.

[64:17]  If you lend GOD a loan of righteousness, He will multiply the reward for you manifold, and forgive you. GOD is Appreciative, Clement.


Weekly Reminders by Email

Praise God, the weekly email reminders have been popular and our list is growing. The weekly reminder email is not very long. It usually consists of the topic of the week, some related verses from the Quran and the corresponding link or links to get the information from. The reminder is sent every Thursday, God willing.

[51:55]  And remind, for the reminder benefits the believers.

We would like every submitter, whether receiving our newsletters or not, to be included in the list for keeping in touch. God willing you can join the list by sending an email to
info@masjidtucson.org and saying that you want to be in the weekly reminder list. If you want to make it a really short email, just write “weekly reminder” in the subject line and send it.

If you also include in the email the city and state that you live in, God willing we can compile this information and use it for the submitters without a community who are asking to communicate with other submitters in their area.

Please help us to help you and other submitters by joining the list and by being proactive, God willing.

[3:200]  O you who believe, you shall be steadfast, you shall persevere, you shall be united, you shall observe GOD, that you may succeed.

[87:9]  Therefore, you shall remind; perhaps the reminder will benefit.