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Comments From Submitters

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This is so strange.  For the last 2 years (roughly) I have studied the Quran and Islam.  I became enamored with Abraham and other figures that I came across in the Quran and Sirat Rasul Allah [biography of messenger of GOD].  Hud, Salih, etc.  I believed the message of the prophets, all prophets, as the Quran spoke of them. 

While studying the Hanif and Sabians, I came across "La ilah illa Allah"  [there is no god except GOD] as existing before Muhammad.  This blew my mind.  The history of the Ka'aba was equally fascinating to me.  To think that all believers would trek to one location in recognition of one GOD.   It was as if I had found my people. 

Anyway, where I currently live, I made some contact with local mosques and didn't like it.  It didn't resonate with what I had experienced while reading the Quran and other texts.

One man insisted that I speak with the imam because I told him that I believed, "La ilah illah Allah," but he didn't think that I was a Muslim.  I didn't want to be one because of what I saw. 

Just last week, when visiting my family back home, a man said that he couldn't say whether I was Muslim or not (We had a discussion wherein I told him that I thought I might qualify as Hanif.  I believe in Allah, etc.).  I sounded like one, but I wouldn't take shahada [statement of faith].  I didn't want to talk about Muhammad in my confession.  I kid you not. 

I say that because it seems so strange that I would find a site that understands what I was talking about.  I can't believe it. I found you because I picked up a Quran [translated by Dr. Rashad Khalifa] in the Macon GA library and turned to page 480, Appendix 33 and saw the resolution to the one issue that I had with Islam.  I'm flabbergasted.  Strangely, I lived in Tucson for 8-9 months last year (South Craycroft).  I had no idea that such a group of people existed.  My wife and I are very excited.  I can't believe the info that I'm reading on your site.

Thank you for being so brave and studious.  I look forward to purchasing your material.


Ed.’s note: Thank you and God bless you for our brothers and sisters who helped us to place copies of the Qurans in the libraries. God willing  this email is a good example that the project is working in spreading the message of worshipping God alone. If you want to volunteer or contribute to the project, please contact us or see the link here.

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Hi, I am S. H. living in Singapore. I had been surfing your website since somewhere March 2006 doing studies and research, found the truth teaching of Submission (Islam).

Briefly about me.  …My mother and father was a traditional Muslim but they did not follow the prayer. I started to learn reading the Arabic Quran from a teacher when I was 12 years old. I ask myself reading the Quran without understanding it, is just a useless. I stop reading it and find a translation of the Quran in Indonesia/Malay and had completed twice.


I found many of the Muslim here and from others countries are actually contradicting the Submission (Islam) way of life. When I approached someone regarding some issue about the contradicting the way they used to it which differs from the Quran, they will ask me “which sect are you following?”

…I start doing surfing into the internet website to find translation Quran when my age 48 years and copy it into my database but it was not that easy work because it took sometime of doing it. Recently only that I saw your Submitter website and read the Quran and with further explanation that enhance me into further knowing from the Submitter website.

By doing the research on your website, which built my acceptance that there is no other gods except God Alone to be worshipped; and the message —the Quran is the only source to uphold it. I will fear no one accept God Alone no matter what I will encounter in near future.

Thanks to my brothers and sisters from the submitters, God bless all of you.

Praise to the God, Lord of the Universe.

S. H.

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