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falls on whomever He chooses from among His servants, they rejoice. Before it fell on them, they had resorted to despair. You shall appreciate GOD's continuous mercy, and how He revives the land that has been dead. He will just as certainly resurrect the dead. He is Omnipotent.

Faiz C.

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A reader’s comments

Asalaamu alaikum

… I just wanted to let you know that your website has been a blessing in my life.  It was hard facing all the EXTREME OPPOSITION, coming from relatives.  My parents and brother and sisters have all been very UNDERSTANDING and I have shared the information I have learned from your website with them and they listened with open hearts and open minds.

I gotta tell ya, that whole thing about the world ending in 2280AD, really spooked me.  But it spooked in a way that was NOT that I didn't believe it, but that I just was amazed at actually seeing a real date.  I mean as far as we all knew the world could've ended tomorrow or at any second.  The guessing kind of wore off, and we just didn't really think about it.  I used to hear stories when I was overseas, that there will be an all out war between the Muslims and Jews, and that buildings getting taller and taller were signs, and kids becoming more violent was a sign etc.

Of course, whatever people in the Middle East told me about the religion

I believed because I thought that surely they read the Quran and since they were much much more fluent in Arabic than I was, they must understand more of what the Quran says. 

Now I try to tell my grandmother who strongly believes in Hadith, much of what I have learned from your website.  It's hard considering that she has been taught Hadith ALL her life.  I remember times I would eat with my left hand and she would immediately chastise me for it.  She was never harsh about it, but she would tell me that what I was doing was Haraam.  But I would always, due to my argumentative/defiant nature, tell her that what she was saying was total nonsense and go right on ahead with what I was doing.

This was before I ever saw your website, and this was a time when I USED to believe some of the Hadith I was taught.  So, it was just amazing that I happened to "CLICK" on your website out of the blue and for no apparent reason (or so I thought), and found the information that made my heart feel SOOO much more content.  As I had said before in my other E-mails, the information on the THE AGE OF 40, made my spirits SOAR.  I am not speaking in terms of my self, but I just couldn't understand how a 25 year old, who was taught Christianity all his life and then suddenly died, would go straight to hell.  Thank you for clarifying the Quran for me. I truly appreciate it.

I don't really have my questions formed yet, but I hope to get a response from one of you guys and then I will ask away, hope you don't mind, cause I am just ready to explode with my questions, I promise to only ask a couple at a time and not bombard you.  Thanks Again!!

Peace and GOD bless!




CamelWhy do they not reflect on the camels and how they are created? [88:17]

Of all the animals mentioned in the scriptures—dogs, horses, birds, locusts, etc.—why did God pick the camel as the one we should reflect on? Because its creation is its own miracle. The camel is not always seen as a beautiful animal. But it is absolutely perfect for what it needs to do and where it needs to survive. This is a gift from God. Without camels, no one could travel in the deserts, so huge sections of the world would be not just difficult to live on, but completely unlivable.

All of the camel is practical for his survival and for his service to man. A camel's feet, although hoofed, have large pads that spread out in the soft sand to keep the animal from sinking in. His face is designed as protection from sun and sand. The thick eyebrows, heavy eyelids and thick lashes all keep out sand, and there's even a third eyelid that can close in heavy storms. The slit nostrils have special muscles which can close them against blowing sand. The ears have thick hair inside as well as outside to prevent dirt and sand from getting down inside the ear, and possibly causing infection.

A camel’s hump is a lump of fat. This is used as a source of energy when food is scarce. The hump may actually shrink when no food is available, but the camel can live off it for many days. And it will reform perfectly when food is again available. Because food is so scarce, the camel must be able to eat anything (even the tents). The lining of the mouth is very tough so that the camel can bite and chew

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