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Submitters Perspective

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they are far worse-they are totally unaware.” (7:179)

“The worst creatures in the sight of God are the deaf and dumb, who do not understand.” (8:22)

Most people have a narrow view of what intelligence is. They think it is reflected in performance on achievement and aptitude tests, popularity, career choice, and material success.
For some, another sign of intelligence is “not depending on religion or God.” The majority follow whatever is deemed as reasonable by their parents, leaders, scholars, celebrities, and traditional beliefs. So-called “smart successful” individuals who discard God’s guidance are irrational and foolish.

“What is wrong with your logic? Why do you not take heed? Do you have solid proof?” (37:154-6).

“The soul and Him who created it. Then showed it what is evil and what is good. Successful is one who redeems it. Failing is one who neglects it.” (91:7-10)

Only the Intelligent Worship God Alone

In the Quran, repeated phrases that are written after advice, examples, and warnings are: “for people who think, for people who hear, for people who understand, for people who reflect, for people who know, for people who take heed, and for people who believe.” The intelligent are also described as believing in the whole scripture (3:7), able to distinguish between good and bad (5:100), aware that Satan misleads (36:62), open-minded and accepting of best opinions (39:18), and able to learn from previous generations (12:111).

Verses 13:19-24 describe the intelligent as: knowing that God’s revelations are true, fulfilling their pledge to God, not violating the covenant,

joining what God commands to be joined, reverencing their Lord, observing the Contact (Salat) prayers, steadfast, seeking their Lord, paying their Zakat and giving to charity secretly and openly, and countering evil with good.

The miraculous mathematical code in the Quran—built-in proof of divine authorship—is simple to understand but impossible to imitate. Along with the Quran, the code is the ultimate ‘intelligence test.’ Only the intelligent pass this test, and only the intelligent realize that God is the One and only Lord, and He alone is to be worshiped.

Douglass B. Ph.D.

[Reprinted from October 1990 S.P.]

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Who Are We?

During the past fourteen centuries, traditions, customs, and myths have crept into the religion of Islam (Submission). Gradually, they have become dogma or ritual, to such an extent that anyone who questions them in the light of the Quran finds himself or herself regarded as a dangerous innovator and heretic.

True Islam (Submission) today is like a precious jewel that is buried under piles upon piles of man-made innovations, and traditions that have nothing to do with the religion.

Our aim is to purge these innovations by upholding the Quran and nothing but the Quran alone, and present the jewel of true Submission to the world.

What is Submitter and Submission?

Although the word “Submitter” is the English equivalent of the Arabic word

“Muslim,” and the word “Submission” is the English equivalent of the Arabic word “Islam,” the underlying implication of these words is very profound, and far from the superficial meanings that are traditionally understood or used.

A Submitter can be defined as a person who submits to the will of God. The state of Submission, which can only take place between the person and God Almighty, is considered to be the only acceptable form of worship by God. (3:19, 85). Therefore, Submission is not just a name of a religion; rather it describes one’s devotion to God alone.

Submission is a religion whereby one recognizes God’s absolute authority, and reaches a conviction that only God possesses all power; no other entity possesses any power that is independent of Him. The natural result of such a realization is to devote one’s life and one’s worship absolutely to God alone. This is the First Commandment in all the scriptures, including the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Final Testament (The Quran).

Unity of All Submitters - Righteous Jews, Christians etc.

Abraham was a submitter to God alone. So were Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. All God’s prophets and messengers were Submitters. They all preached the same basic message of worshiping only God without idolizing anything or anyone beside Him.

Abraham was neither Jewish, nor Christian; he was a monotheist submitter. He  never was an idol worshiper. (3:67) 

We learn from the Quran that while every religion has been corrupted by innovations, traditions, and false, idolatrous doctrines, there may be “Submitters” within every religion. There may be Submitters who are Christian by association, or Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or anything else. These Submitters, collectively, constitute the only religion acceptable to God. All Submitters who are devoted to God alone, and do not set up any idols beside God, are redeemed into God's eternal kingdom. Therefore, Submission is a universal faith.

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