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God has His angels register all our acts in a faultless document.

[45:28-29] You will see every community kneeling. Every community will be called to view their record. Today, you get paid for everything you have done. This is our record; it utters the truth about you. We have been recording everything you did.

[58:6] The day will come when GOD will resurrect them all, then inform them of everything they had done. GOD has recorded everything, while they have forgotten it. GOD witnesses all things.

If we place our hand in fire, we will get burned. This is what is so exclusive in the Quran—that we are answerable for our own actions. This is why we can say with conviction: [2:139] Say, “Do you argue with us about GOD, when He is our Lord and your Lord? We are responsible for our deeds, and you are responsible for your deeds. To Him alone we are devoted.” [34:25] Say, “You are not responsible for our crimes, nor are we responsible for what you do.

Our entire life is being tracked on a hard drive which can never be contested. It cannot be viewed by us now but will be released on the Day of Judgment when we will be told:
[17:13-14] We have recorded the fate of every human being; it is tied to his neck. On the Day of Resurrection we will hand him a record that is accessible. Read your own record. Today, you suffice as your own reckoner.

In this world, we have civil laws without which the social order cannot operate suitably. By nature, we are insensitive, egocentric and quite competent in infringing on the rights of others for individual benefit.

We know that the law of the land may punish us for contravening the rules. Nevertheless, we see that even in a well administered state many criminals go Scot free and sometimes people who are not guilty are unfairly convicted and penalised. No laws we make can ever be perfect. Enactment of justice here, though well intentioned, will never be without some bias. But God has promised us very fair dealings.

The Best Deal

[40:40] Whoever commits a sin is requited for just that, and whoever works righteousness—male or female —while believing, these will enter Paradise wherein they receive provisions without any limits.

[4:173] As for those who believe and lead a righteous life, He will fully recompense them, and shower them with His grace. As for those who disdain and turn arrogant, He will commit them to painful retribution. They will find no lord beside GOD, nor a savior.

God’s law is such that all our activities regardless of how insignificant, and even our thinking, will have their positive or negative final results.

[13:10] It is the same whether you conceal your thoughts, or declare them, or hide in the darkness of the night, or act in the daylight.

We have to have faith that God is our Initiator, our Guide and the Absolute One. Merely vocally announcing this is not adequate; this certainty should be augmented with devotion and total commitment.

[99:6-8] On that day, the people will issue from every direction, to be shown their works. Whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it. And whoever does an atom’s weight of evil will see it.



The Earth, one of God’s Marvels

Tests are underway to produce the world’s fastest car, called Bloodhound, which is expected to reach speeds of 1,000mph (1,600kmh). While it will only sustain that speed for a few seconds, were it to keep going, it would take 25 hours to circle the earth. This gives us a sense how fast the earth is spinning every day. At the equator, the earth spins at over 1,000mph. Yet, by God’s perfect design we do not feel a thing. You get into a car, and if you’re at 100mph, you feel it. Perhaps it’s the vibrations from the road or the shiny blue and red lights flashing behind you. Amazingly, on earth at 1000mph we seem to be at a standstill, going nowhere. But us humans, the packrats in the ground, the bacteria in the air, and the trees and mountains around us are all zipping along by God’s design.

[27:88]  When you look at the mountains, you think that they are standing still. But they are moving, like the clouds. Such is the manufacture of GOD, who perfected everything. He is fully Cognizant of everything you do.

Amazingly, spinning at 1000 mph is our slow heading. We are moving in an orbit around the sun at about 65,000 miles per hour! Can you think super-roller coaster? Praise be to God who designed spaceship earth so perfectly. Unlike vehicles we make, it does not need to stop in every 6,000 miles for a tune-up or oil change (at 65,000 mph, we’d be stopping every 6 minutes or so). Further, the earth’s design is not just for speed. It supports life. It has weather. Night and day. So many interconnected pieces.

[25:2] The One to whom belongs all sovereignty of the heavens and the earth. He never had a son, nor does He have any partners in sovereignty. He created everything in exact measure; He precisely designed everything.*
*25:2 When we launch astronauts into space, we measure precisely the amount of food, water, oxygen, and other needs throughout the journey. Similarly, God has launched us into space―on board spaceship Earth―and He has designed all kinds of renewable provisions for us and other creatures, a perfect design. Think, for example, of the symbiotic relationship between us and the plants; we use the oxygen they produce in photosynthesis, while they use the carbon dioxide we produce in respiration.


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