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Is This Material To My Salvation?

We often get caught up in discussions or thoughts of an issue or idea and after a while, the time devoted seems to become undeservedly excessive. I have found that asking a simple question helps put things in perspective.

Is This Material To My Salvation?

That is, does this matter have real importance or serious consequences if it goes one way or the other? Is it vital?

After asking such questions in our local community, we often conclude that we are not making the best use of our time. This has helped us put an end to unproductive arguments and to redirect our focus to matters that are material to our salvation. It also benefits us in staying united since we end up exhibiting due respect for other opinions and in being amicable and kind towards one another.

Of course, none of this means that we should compromise on any of the core principles of righteousness as defined for us by God.

David and Solomon
[21:78] And David and Solomon, when they once ruled with regard to someone's crop that was destroyed by another's sheep. We witnessed their judgment.

[21:79] We granted Solomon the correct understanding, though we endowed both of

them with wisdom and knowledge. We committed the mountains to serve David in glorifying (God), as well as the birds. This is what we did.

In the above verses we see that God is telling us that no human being has a monopoly on being correct in his/her understanding of all matters. Let’s think about that. These were two prophets whom God blessed with highly unusual powers. When is one granted full rein? When that individual can be trusted to make sound decisions and put resources to good use. But that does not make such a person infallible. In fact, they did not have the same understanding on the matter mentioned in 21:78. God says Solomon was granted the  correct understanding, not David. This should be a great lesson for us all as we get caught up in discussions with one another.

Nothing God mentions in the Quran is by accident. Why not benefit from the amazing wisdom contained in this book and improve ourselves daily?
Instead of arguing endlessly, consider pausing and saying a prayer such as:  My Lord, if she/he is correct, please guide me to that understanding and if I am correct, please grant the same to her/him. In any case, let not the devil drive a wedge between us.
We must keep our focus on our salvation when trying to make any judgment and do so while keeping all of God’s commands in mind, not just the ones that suit our purpose at that moment.


[17:53] Tell My servants to treat each other in the best possible manner, for the devil will always try to drive a wedge among them. Surely, the devil is man's most ardent enemy.

Other questions we may wish to consider in such situations include:
· Am I getting caught up in winning the argument and scoring one for my ego?
· Have I given the other view its due consideration?
· Is continuing this argument likely to resolve it?
· Are we accomplishing anything meaningful?
· Is God likely to judge our actions to be good?
· Is the continuation of this argument likely to unite us or divide us?

And why not ponder the following: · Maybe I am wrong.
· What is my motivation in continuing this discussion?
· Maybe I am falling into a trap set by Satan.
· Is God likely to be pleased with the way I have behaved?

To close, here is a daily prayer for us all to consider:  My Lord, guide me so that my actions today produce a record of good deeds NOT regrets.

Peace be upon you!