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When God created us, designed and perfected us with a running life system and blew into us with His spirit, He knew we would need also some bodily abilities/facilities as we went from birth to death. So He blessed us with a beautiful mind. The mind houses our thoughts, and hosts and controls them.

It is an important and responsible function for the mind to guide our thoughts correctly and so not miss the chance to be redeemed back into God’s kingdom, joyfully and happily, after repenting and reforming and passing the test for which we were placed here in a different habitat—on earth—for our original sin.

[89:27-30] As for you, O content soul. Return to your Lord, pleased and pleasing. Welcome into My servants. Welcome into My Paradise.

[16:32] The angels terminate their lives in a state of righteousness, saying, "Peace be upon you. Enter Paradise (now) as a reward for your works."

[2:156] When an affliction befalls them, they say, "We belong to GOD, and to Him we are returning."

We belong to God, our minds belong to God, so every thought we think belongs to God. Interestingly, “thought” can be a noun or the past tense of to think. Sometimes provoked by a personal dislike, we might say, “I thought so and so,” which leads us to hurt people by passing on them our own judgment

and condemning them falsely. This situation arises when something has upset you and deflated your ego. The mind is now confused, crowded, and we speak wrong utterances; we make mistakes and create problems; act smart and pompous and refuse to accept anyone’s correct advice.

Bad thoughts lead to harboring doubts towards people, aggression and finally oppression. The Quran tells us of messengers of past generations who were mocked, ridiculed, suffered misery and killed because they brought proofs, showed miracles under God’s authorization, preached His commandments, offered guidance, laws, and recommendations. Why did this happen? Because of the bad thoughts which led people to harbor doubts.

[48:6] And He will requite the hypocrite men and women and the idol worshiping men and women, for they have harbored evil thoughts about GOD. Their evil will backfire against them. For GOD is angry with them, condemns them, and has prepared for them Gehenna. What a miserable destiny!

So how can we use our minds to keep ourselves happy and contented? Our thoughts should be colorful, like the glorious colors in nature. God has given us a mind with the will and ability to use it, and so we should make every effort to acknowledge that our thoughts belong to Him and to Him alone.

How can we go about this? We should try to manipulate our thoughts towards goodness; learn to finalize our

decisions, correct choices and direct our minds and thoughts in the right and correct direction. While sitting, waiting for a doctor or dentist to see me, unfortunately, there are times when the devil creeps in. I should make a bold effort to shoo him away, not allow black, evil thoughts to enter my mind by remembering God and using His given prayers for protection from evil and vice.

[23:97-8] Say, "My Lord, I seek refuge in You from the whispers of the devils. And I seek refuge in You, my Lord, lest they come near me."

I must paint my thoughts with the brightest of colors, and think only of God, His blessings, immense mercy, grace on me; tell Him of my appreciation; ask Him for forgiveness, redemption and much more.

[35:10] Anyone seeking dignity should know that to GOD belongs all dignity. To Him ascends the good words, and He exalts the righteous works. As for those who scheme evil works, they incur severe retribution; the scheming of such people is destined to fail.

Finally, remember, there is much more to life than what you think, but to make life more beautiful, we must make our thoughts positive and centered on God. Sift away impurities and evil thoughts.

[84:23] GOD is fully aware of their innermost thoughts.

Hena R.