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Submitters Perspective

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Building Faith

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them may seem simple at first but when you look at them, they can be demanding.

A simple command like, “Don’t worry about anything.” How often do we forget we have God as an advocate and waste our time and efforts worrying?

[22:15] If anyone thinks that God cannot support him in this life and in the Hereafter, let him turn completely to (his Creator in) heaven and sever (his dependence on anyone else). He will then see that this plan eliminates anything that bothers him.

But it is so difficult to do that. We humans choose willingly the path to self-destruction, the path of risk. We try to solve issues our way instead of God’s way, which is simply TRUST IN GOD. This plan is fool proof.

3. God tests our faith with money.

Money is one of the greatest tests of faith in your life. Few people understand how God uses our material possessions as a test of character and a test of faith. For many people finances are the greatest of all. They have no idea that God is actually testing them when they get into wealth or debt, or when they’re going through blessings or problems, or when they’re asked to give to charity. All of these things have to do with faith.

Will we fall into the trap of earning a few quick bucks only to later realize that the price was just too high, and we missed heaven for a measly few rupees. Or when we cheat others of their right in property or deals, do we not think that there is someone above us watching us wronging someone? We must realise that these acts lead only to hell. Nothing is hidden from the One above who knows everything which is revealed or concealed.

4. God tests our faith through delays.

We are called the  Instant Gratification Generation. This is what the world has come to. People take the easy way out through bribery, corruption, status, power, money, all ways to

get things done quickly, but not necessarily the right way. However, sometimes God wishes to teach us the lesson of patience.

Imagine if every prayer were immediately answered, if every need were automatically met, if every problem were instantly solved. Would your faith and trust in God be tested? But it is not that way. We trust that God knows what is best for our souls. It is human nature that we are impatient and we must work on overcoming it.

[21:37] The human being is impatient by nature. I will inevitably show you My signs; do not be in such a hurry.

A large percentage of your life is spent waiting. If you and I can’t learn how God wants to stretch and grow our souls during times of waiting, we miss out on much of the faith lessons that God wants to teach in our lives.

It pays to be patient. Just remember this: while you are waiting, God is in working His ways. You’re not waiting alone. God is doing things behind the scenes, in your heart and other people’s hearts that you cannot even see.

[10:109] Follow what is revealed to you, and be patient until GOD issues His judgment; He is the best judge.
[42:43] Resorting to patience and forgiveness reflects a true strength of character.

So what’s the faith lesson? If we really want to learn to live by faith, we have to learn to rejoice continually. We have to learn to obey immediately. We have to give generously. And we must learn to wait patiently.

Praise God.


The Inevitable Test

[3:186] You will certainly be tested, through your money and your lives, and you will hear from those who received the scripture, and from the idol worshipers, a lot of insult. If you steadfastly persevere and lead a righteous life, this will prove the strength of your faith.

Only God
Controls Life And Death

[39:42] GOD puts the souls to death when the end of their life comes, and also at the time of sleep. Thus, He takes some back during their sleep, while others are allowed to continue living until the end of their predetermined interim. This should provide lessons for people who reflect.

[9:116] To GOD belongs the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth. He controls life and death. You have none beside GOD as a Lord and Master.

[3:102] O you who believe, you shall observe GOD as He should be observed, and do not die except as Submitters.

A late night knock on the door or that phone call no one wants to receive. There it is—the most difficult news a human can face. The death of a loved one. Be it mother, father, sister, brother, spouse, uncle or friend. It’s unbearable news. You’re in shock. It’s unbelievable. You just talked to them a few hours ago; just had dinner with them yesterday; were going to have lunch with them next week.

Well, how do you cope, because they’re gone. Some people say they passed away; they’re no longer here; they made their transition back to God. It can be hard to say “they’re dead.” But however you say it, it can be an intense sadness. You may feel grief and it’s a hard reality to accept. You try to be okay, but inside sometimes it feels like an elephant sat on your chest. Not everyone grieves the same. Sometimes you may try to be strong for other family members, to give them your support. And you tell yourself you’ll grieve later. Some shed tears and others try to sleep. Some don’t eat or rest.

But there are good and bad ways to grieve, and one should try for the best way—accept the reality that they’re gone, let go of the anger or regret one

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