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What is faith? Is faith trust in only what we can understand? Is that faith?

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

Is that just blind faith and wishful thinking? Well that depends. It depends what our faith is in. Are you putting your faith in something that is not worthy of your faith?

There are many in the world who put their faith in only what they can see. But I would argue that their faith is not really in what they can see, but in themselves and in their ability to interpret what they see correctly. The problem with that is that we don’t see everything and we do not even interpret everything we see correctly. Having faith in that is really only having faith in ourselves, and I would argue that having faith in ourselves is really only wishful thinking.

So, how can we determine where we put our faith?
Should we have our faith in God? Should we have our faith in Him not only when we can’t see everything, but also when the things we do see don’t make sense to us? It is easy to “live by faith” when we can understand and see how things are working. It is much harder to live by faith when we do not understand what God is doing.

Faith in Someone Faith-Worthy
This is why it is imperative that we

know that what or who we place our faith in is Faith-worthy. When you know that your faith is in something or someone who is worthy of your faith, then you do not need to know all the details. How do we determine if someone is worthy of our faith? By their character.

When I know a person’s character, I can know if I can trust them without knowing the details of a particular circumstance.

So let’s ask the question  …Is God Faith-worthy?
Is God’s character such that we should have faith in Him, even when the life we see is not making sense to us? I believe the answer is yes. It is yes because God has shown Himself to be Faithful, the MOST Faithful.

When He has said that He is going to do something, He has done it.
We live in a time when we have the privilege to see how God has been faithful to His word. Consider prophet Abraham. God told Abraham that he would have a child. Even when he and Sarah were past childbearing age, He reaffirmed the promise (11:71-3, 15:51-5). And He was faithful to deliver, when it seemed impossible. We have many other examples where God says BE and it is.

But God is not only faithful, being true to his word, but God has also shown Himself to be Loving. This is important. Do we want to put our faith in someone who is honest and does as he says but is a tyrant?

Probably not. But God is not a tyrant. He has shown His great love for us. He is the most Kind, the most Forgiving, the most understanding. And that love has been demonstrated through His mercy and His grace.

Every one of us knows we have sinned and done wrong things, yet God has not wiped us out nor condemned us to hell for eternity. He had mercy on us and has been patient with mankind, not wanting anyone to perish, but for us to come back to Him and to repent to Him.

So how do we truly live by faith?
In those times when we are struggling to live by faith and wondering about God’s plan, when we see many problems and things we don’t understand, we need to stop focusing on what we don’t know (or understand) and start focusing on what we do know. God is Faith-worthy. That is a powerful faith. A faith that not only does not see or understand everything, but rejoices in the God in whom he has faith. That, in spite of his not understanding, he knows that God is good and able, is Faith-worthy, and will accomplish His good purposes.


[59:23] He is the One GOD; there is no other god besides Him. The King, the Most Sacred, the Peace, the Most Faithful, the Supreme, the Almighty, the Most Powerful, the Most Dignified. GOD be glorified; far above having partners