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Submitters Perspective

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MASJID TUCSON United Submitters International

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Tel/Fax: (520) 323 7636

Masjid Tucson site: http://www.masjidtucson.org

Masjid Tucson e-mail: info@masjidtucson.org

Happiness is
Submission to God Alone

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INDEX to 2013 Submitters Perspective Articles

Triumph  (JANUARY)
Reverence During Contact Prayers (JANUARY)
Towards Universal Unity (JANUARY)

Reverencing God  (FEBRUARY)
Science vs. Religion  (FEBRUARY)

Are You “Muslim?” Do You Follow “Islam?”  (MARCH)
Perhaps the Reminder Will Benefit  (MARCH)
God’s Gift: Water  (MARCH)

History of the Human Race  (APRIL)
Experiencing Nature  (APRIL)
Preparing for Ramadan  (APRIL)

Godly Behavior from the Bible and Quran  (MAY)
Ramadan—A Christian Perspective  (MAY)
Is Beauty Only Skin Deep?  (MAY)

Mirror of Our Soul  (JUNE)
Reflections from an Orphanage Trip  (JUNE)
Not an Organized Religion  (JUNE)

True Islam (Submission)  (JULY)
God is Our Advocate  (JULY)
By the Forenoon  (JULY)

The Immeasurable Beauty of Belonging to God  (AUGUST)
Fear  (AUGUST)
My Lord is Always Near, Responsive  (AUGUST)

Men in Islam  (SEPTEMBER)
2013 Conference Report  (SEPTEMBER)
Cause and Effect   (SEPTEMBER)

Thanksgiving: Gratitude for Challenges  (OCTOBER)
Only the Righteous Works  (OCTOBER)
To the Second Generation of Muslim Parents  (OCTOBER)

Warning!  (NOVEMBER)
Mathematical View (NOVEMBER)
Thoughts  (NOVEMBER)

The Self’s Holy War  (DECEMBER)
Religion of Islam (Submission)  (DECEMBER)
What Is Idolatry?  (DECEMBER)
Is This Material to My Salvation? (DECEMBER)

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We have been sending weekly reminders to submitters in our email list and it is a great success, praise God. The weekly reminder email is not very long. It usually consists of the topic of the week, and the corresponding link or links to get the information from. The reminder is sent every Thursday, God willing.

[51:55]  And remind, for the reminder benefits the believers.

We would like every submitter, whether receiving our newsletters or not, to be included in the list. God willing you can join the list by sending an email to
info@masjidtucson.org and saying that you want to be in the weekly reminder list. If you want to make it a really short email, just write “weekly reminder” in the subject line and send it.

If you also include in the email the city and state that you live in, God willing we can compile this information and use it for the submitters without a community who are asking to communicate with other submitters in their area.

Please help us to help you and other submitters by joining the list and by being proactive, God willing.

[3:200]  O you who believe, you shall be steadfast, you shall persevere, you shall be united, you shall observe GOD, that you may succeed.

[87:9]  Therefore, you shall remind; perhaps the reminder will benefit.

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