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Marvels of GOD

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only discovered by the scientists in the 20th Century.


[16:79] Do they not see the birds committed to fly in the atmosphere of the sky? None holds them up in the air except GOD. This should be (sufficient) proof for people who believe.

[67:19] Have they not seen the birds above them lined up in columns and spreading their wings? The Most Gracious is the One who holds them in the air. He is Seer of all things.

Bird migration is the regular seasonal movement, often north and south along a flyway between breeding and wintering grounds, undertaken by many species. Historically, migration was recorded as much as 3,000 years ago by Ancient Greek authors including Homer and Aristotle, and in the Book of Job, for species such as storks, Turtle Doves, and swallows. More recently, Johannes Leche began recording dates of arrivals of spring migrants in Finland in 1749, and scientific studies have used techniques including bird ringing and satellite tracking. Approximately 1800 of the world's 10,000 bird species are long-distance migrants. The Bible also notes migrations, as in the Book of Job (39:26), where the inquiry is made: “Doth the hawk fly by Thy wisdom and stretch her wings toward the south?”

Honey Bee:

[16:69] Then eat from all the fruits, following the design of your Lord, precisely. From their bellies comes a drink of different colors, wherein there is healing for the people. This should be (sufficient) proof for people who reflect.

Honey bees are an excellent animal species to study with regard to behavior because they are abundant and familiar to most people. Karl von Frisch, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine in 1973 for his study of honey bee communication, noticed bees communicate through the language of dance. Honey bees are able to direct other bees to food sources

through the round dance and the waggle dance (see Nov 1993 Submitters Perspective).

[16:68] And your Lord inspired the bee: build homes in mountains and trees, and in (the hives) they build for you.

Thus the above mentioned verse points towards the bees communication with inspiration from God to find the suitable place for building homes where there is a source of food available.

After decades of experiments, Dr. Peter Molan found that all kinds of honey have antibiotic properties. This may be traced to hydrogen peroxide produced from enzymes that bees add to the nectar. He identified a type of honey with unique broad-spectrum antibiotic properties for which there was no synthetic equivalent known. God put this in the Quran [16:69] 1400 years ago.


Scientists have known for decades that ants use a variety of small chemicals known as pheromones to communicate. Perhaps the most classic example is the trail of pheromones the insects place as they walk. Those behind them follow this trail, leading to long lines of ants marching one by one. However, the insects also use pheromones to identify which nest an ant is from and its social status in that nest. Because this chemical communication is so prevalent and complex, researchers long believed that this was the primary way ants shared information.

However, several years ago, researchers began to notice that adults in some ant genera, such as Myrmica, made noise. These types of ants have a specialized spike along their abdomen that they stroke with one of their hind legs, similar to dragging the teeth of a comb along the edge of a table. Preliminary studies seemed to indicate that this noise serves primarily as an emergency beacon, allowing ants to shout for help when being threatened by a predator.

Some scientists feel that the discovery doesn't mean that chemical communication

in ants is less important. Dr. DeVries, an entomologist, says, “Ants live in these enormously sophisticated societies,” he says. “Acoustic signaling adds another gorgeous piece to what we know about how insect societies communicate.”

We find specific information about the communication between ants in the following sura.

[27:17-8] Mobilized in the service of Solomon were his obedient soldiers of jinns and humans, as well as the birds; all at his disposal. When they approached the valley of the ants, one ant said, “O you ants, go into your homes, lest you get crushed by Solomon and his soldiers, without perceiving.”

[45:3-4] The heavens and the earth are full of proofs for the believers.  Also in your creation, and the creation of all the animals, there are proofs for people who are certain.

To attribute the presence of scientific facts in the Quran to coincidence, would be not only illogical but against common sense and a true scientific approach. Yet Quran invites all humans to reflect on the creation of this universe in the following verse.

[3:190] In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of night and day, there are signs for those who possess intelligence.

The mathematical and scientific proofs in the Quran prove without any doubt that this book indeed is from God. It is simply impossible for any human being to produce such a book 1400 years ago. It is the duty of every follower of this book to utilize this ocean of knowledge to invite people to Submission (Islam). And leave the rest to God, for He is the only One who can guide.

Abdul Ghani


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