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implore God for guidance after Ramadan with a stronger bond with God. 



Flexibility is part of God’s design to help us practice our religion with ease. The rules providing relief for fasting not only shed a stronger light on the spirit with which we are to apply this decree but also reminds us that God’s design encompasses all circumstances. God allows us to substitute days of fasting in Ramadan if we are ill or travelling and to feed the poor if we break our fast too early. To accept this relief requires trust in His mercy and ability to think and make decisions for ourselves accordingly. An important part of submitting is the willingness to accept this for ourselves and others. 



For me Ramadan is somehow like hajj pilgrimage; it is an obligation upon us, if we can do it. By wearing an Ihram you go into state of sanctity; in Ramadan by fasting you go into a state of awareness. The only difference I see is one shorter and harder and the other is longer and is not as hard (Ramadan). Both of them have such amazing feeling when it is done and both of them bring you closer to God and hopefully make you a better submitter. Observing both of them is a great gift and an honor.



In today’s health and body-conscious world, we’ve often heard ignorant friends and relatives tell us, “You shouldn’t deprive your body of food, it isn’t healthy. The body needs fuel to work. You are harming your body.” But when a system has been instituted and prescribed by God, how can it be harmful in any way? Rather, it can only be greatly beneficial. Recent studies in fact pull the rug out from under long-held beliefs advocating that the body must be fed every few hours.

In fact, many athletes, coaches and nutritionists today advocate a Ramadan-like fast every few months in order to boost metabolism, burn harmful fat and repair worn out cells.  If people realized the benefit of this wonderful system designed by God, they would reap benefits not just for their cherished bodies but also their eternal souls.



Ramadan, what a blessed time! Before I came to Submission I remember thinking that Ramadan would be one of the hardest parts of being Muslim. I had tried to fast for health reasons and had found it very difficult. What a surprise it was to discover that when you are fasting for God He makes it easy, and even more, He makes it a joy. During Ramadan every time I feel my stomach rumble, or realize I’m thirsty it brings me right back to my Merciful Creator. Nothing helps me keep God in focus better than fasting for Ramadan, because He is the One who makes it possible for me to fast even in the longest days of the year. He is the One who draws me closer to Him—and there is no greater joy than that.



Ramadan is the blessed month during which Quran was revealed…It is the month during which Night of Destiny takes place… Month of fasting, coming out of our comfort zones, exercising our will power, practicing the notion of breaking habits, reconsidering things taken for granted, appreciating God’s blessings and commemorating Him frequently… The ninth month of the Lunar year; like the end stage of a pregnancy and a new birth: A new YOU …Congratulations!



Ramadan is here, and for the first time I have planned how I’m going to make the best of this month, use it to grow my soul and get closer to God. I want to take advantage of Ramadan to help catapult my soul growth. For this I have created a plan as planning helps ensure that you have a roadmap and makes you aware of every box you have to tick to achieve your goal.

This Ramadan I have a three point agenda, God willing:

· Go back to meditating - something I have not been doing much of lately.

· Focus on appreciating the many things God does and does not do for me.

· Praise and glorify God especially before sunrise and sunset.

To achieve this, I plan to meditate 10-15 minutes at dawn. While it may not be much, it’s a start and will set the limit for the least I can do. God willing I will wake-up accordingly and plan my other activities to give me a clear 15 minutes of time alone with God so I can fulfill my agenda and, more importantly, God’s commandment [50:39] Therefore, be patient in the face of their utterances, and praise and glorify your Lord before sunrise, and before sunset.I will clear my schedule to do zikr in the evening, planning my household chores and not switching on the television till I complete my zikr.

Through the day, I plan to pay especial attention to Salat, so my mind does not wander and is locked on God, and also utilize my time while I’m doing household chores and travelling to and from work; praising and glorifying God. 

God willing, planning will help maximize the month of Ramadan and focus on what’s most important—God. That will make this Ramadan a true feast for the soul.



Sometimes it is difficult for our souls to gain control over our bodies. We tend to give in to the demands of our bodies quite in contradiction to God’s commands. An over-indulgent meal, losing our temper, a swear word let loose from our lips, not concentrating during Salat are some of the negative actions we participate in in our daily lives. But God knows our weaknesses and the Most Merciful gives us an annual chance. So during Ramadan, our bodies are in a constant state of worship while our minds are fully conscious of our actions and we make every effort to follow God’s commands sincerely. 



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