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2017 Conference Report

[4:175] Those who believe in GOD, and hold fast to Him, He will admit them into mercy from Him, and grace, and will guide them to Him in a straight path.

[62:1] Glorifying GOD is everything in the heavens and everything on earth; the King, the Most Sacred, the Almighty, the Most Wise.

The 32nd annual conference of the United Submitters International was held in Tucson, Arizona July 28-30, 2017. The khutba was delivered by brother Robert who spoke eloquently about community and its importance in our lives. “Community,” broken down, means “common” plus “unity.” In common we have the worship of God and the Quran as our guiding scripture, and that’s what unites us. He included reminders on how to strengthen our communities and improve our submission.

At every conference, there is always the joy of catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. Those submitters attending their first conference shared with us their journey into submission and their delight in coming together with submitters from around the world. For some, this was their first opportunity to be among a large group of like-minded submitters, and you could see it was an exhilarating experience for them.

It’s always difficult to be on your own, and such a blessing to find others who share their love of God.

The speeches over the three days covered a wide range of topics. There was a lot of appreciation of God’s wonderful creations. We were reminded how important it is to work on improving our own submission. One of the new submitters said that when asked at immigration what kind of conference he was attending, he answered “self-improvement.” This is the goal of each one of us. And we all grow in stages, at our own pace. God allows each of us this time to increase our submission, and He rewards us for our efforts. Another first-time attendee reminded us all that our journey into submission isn’t as important as our journey in submission.

[5:35] O you who believe, you shall reverence GOD and seek the ways and means to Him, and strive in His cause, that you may succeed.

[29:69] As for those who strive in our cause, we will surely guide them in our paths. Most assuredly, GOD is with the pious.

Zikr was enjoyed each evening, as a way to close the day’s events.  It lifts our spirit to share with so many others our joy of worshiping God and striving in His cause. It is truly a soul-lifting experience to commemorate our Lord. It is such a blessed form of worship. [13:28] They are the ones whose hearts rejoice in remembering GOD. Absolutely, by remembering GOD, the hearts rejoice.


[15:98-9] You shall sing the praises of your Lord, and be with the prostrators. And worship your Lord, in order to attain certainty.

When Sunday noon came around, we enjoyed our last prayer together and then more than 100 people went to Masjid Tucson for a pizza/Eegee’s party. It was fun to have everyone gather together and enjoy God’s bounties.

For people who were able to stay a day longer, we arranged a drive up Mt. Lemmon, which is a beautiful, woodsy area just outside of Tucson. About 60 people went to enjoy a picnic lunch, some hiking and the nice cool temperatures of the higher elevation. After our noon prayer on the mountain, we came back down. Still unable to say goodbye, we arranged a pot luck feast at the Mosque for a final lovely get-together. It’s always such a wonderful feeling to join with other submitters and come together with the focus on worshiping God alone. This sense of unity and purpose keeps us energized for the coming year.

[24:38] GOD will certainly reward them for their good works, and will shower them with His grace. GOD provides for whomever He wills without limits.

[17:19] As for those who choose the Hereafter as their priority, and work righteousness, while believing, their efforts will be appreciated.

Nargis and Lydia