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Quran The Final Testament

Authorized English version Translated from the Original By: Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D. (Copyright © Islamic Productions)



Introduction [Watch on Youtube Watch]

1. One of the Great Miracles [74:35]

2. God's Messenger of the Covenant [3:81]

3. We Made the Quran Easy [54:17]

4. Why Was the Quran Revealed in Arabic?

5. Heaven and Hell [Watch on Youtube Watch]

6. Greatness of God

7. Why Were We Created? [ Watch on Youtube Watch ]

8. The Myth of Intercession [Watch on Youtube Watch]

9. Abraham: Original Messenger of Islam [Watch on Youtube Watch]

10. God's Usage of the Plural Tense [Watch on Youtube Watch]

11. The Day of Resurrection [Watch on Youtube Watch]

12. Role of the Prophet Muhammad [Watch on Youtube Watch]

13. The First Pillar of Islam [Watch on Youtube Watch]

14. Predestination

15. Religious Duties: Gift from God

16. Dietary Prohibition

17. Death [Watch on Youtube Watch]

18. Quran is All You Need [Watch on Youtube Watch]

19. Hadith and Sunna: Satanic Innovations [Watch on Youtube Watch]

20. Quran: Unlike Any Other Book

21. Satan: Fallen Angel

22. Jesus

23. Chronological Order of Revelation

24. Two False Verses Removed from the Quran

25. End of the World [Watch on Youtube Watch]

26. The Three Messengers of Islam

27. Who Is Your God? [Watch on Youtube Watch]

28. Muhammad Wrote God's Revelations With His Own Hand [Watch on Youtube Watch]

29. The Missing Basmalah

30. Polygamy

31. Evolution: A Divinely Guided Process [Watch on Youtube Watch]

32. The Crucial Age of 40

33. Why Did God Send a Messenger Now?

34. Virginity/Chastity: A Trait of the True Believers

35. Drugs & Alcohol

36. What Price A Great Nation [Watch on Youtube Watch]

37. Criminal Justice in Islam [Watch on Youtube Watch]

38. The Creator's Signature

Happiness is Submission to God

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