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Prayer: A way to build confidence in God

There are numerous ways to build confidence in God and I do not know all of them, as the creation of God is vast and unaccountable.

One of ways that I know is through praying and imploring Him. As per my understanding, prayer is something that can only be directed to Him alone. Asking someone even for a smallest of the favor is illegitimate; seeking favor from other than God is seeking help with an entity that does not have power of his own. That’s why God has commanded us,

[2:153] O you, who believe, seek help through steadfastness and the Contact Prayers (Salat). GOD is with those who steadfastly persevere.

[6:41] The fact is: only Him you implore, and He answers your prayer, if He so wills, and you forget your idols.

[1:5] You alone we worship; You alone we ask for help.

We also find a lesson in, in the history of Joseph,

[12:42] He then said to the one to be saved "Remember me at your lord."* Thus, the devil caused him to forget his Lord, and, consequently, he remained in prison a few more years.

*12:42 When Joseph begged his companion to intercede with the king on his behalf, he exhibited dependence on other than God to be saved from the prison. This does not befit a true believer, and such a serious slip cost Joseph a few years in the prison. We learn from the Quran that only God can relieve any hardship that might befall us. A true believer trusts in God and depends totally on Him alone (1:5, 6:17, 8:17, 10:107).

By connecting these verses and understanding it should end our worries and help us build confidence in God. Although what Joseph did was a mistake, it is something we humans may easily fall victim to but for God's grace. Even if such things do happen with the believers, they accept their mistakes and takes heed and strive to do better. It may be this is how God polishes the believers, like polishing the faces of diamond. On the other hand if an individual implores and his misery still persists and is also a recurring phenomenon than that person needs to look into his deeds seriously. Something may be wrong with his belief in God.

When one implores to God and it is answered, it only keeps one increasing the level of confidence in God.

Some prayers may be answered quickly while some may take time, hence in verse 2:153 we learn steadfastness and patience. For instance the prayers of Jacob took some time to accomplish as it is we understand that it was connected with the life of Joseph’s future. The prayer of Jacob:

[12:18] They produced his shirt with fake blood on it. He said, "Indeed, you have conspired with each other to commit a certain scheme. All I can do is resort to a quiet patience. May GOD help me in the face of your conspiracy."

So again help and patience go hand in hand.

[12:96] When the bearer of good news arrived, he threw (the shirt) on his face, whereupon his vision was restored. He said, "Did I not tell you that I knew from GOD what you did not know?"

What more can we say about Jacob’s confidence in God?

On the other hand God replied to Zachariah’s imploring quickly,

[3:38] That is when Zachariah implored his Lord: "My Lord, grant me such a good child; You are the Hearer of the prayers."
[3:39] The angels called him when he was praying in the sanctuary: "GOD gives you good news of John; a believer in the word of GOD, honorable, moral, and a righteous prophet."

I feel when some one asks or implores to God for something one should keep track, especially because we may ask God and when actually it is fulfilled, we may forget to appreciate His blessings. May God help us remember to thank Him as fervently.

My idea of imploring God is a key tool in building confidence in God is adopted from that verse where Abraham in spite of being the founder of the religion and being a vanguard of submission still needed God to assure his heart. And I feel God wants us to know that we being the later lot of submitters too need an assurance to build our confidence in Him. This is something exceptionally between God and that person.

Every Believer Needs Assurance

[2:260] Abraham said, "My Lord, show me how You revive the dead." He said, "Do you not believe?" He said, "Yes, but I wish to reassure my heart." He said, "Take four birds, study their marks, place a piece of each bird on top of a hill, then call them to you. They will come to you in a hurry. You should know that GOD is Almighty, Most Wise."

God by putting these verses in Quran is inviting us too to call Him, implore Him to reassure and build our confidence in Him. And I wouldn’t be saying this if this weren’t working for me.

Happiness Now, and Forever

[22:15] If anyone thinks that GOD cannot support him in this life and in the Hereafter, let him turn completely to (his Creator in) heaven, and sever (his dependence on anyone else). He will then see that this plan eliminates anything that bothers him.

May God Bless us with such an assurance and confidence in Him.

Volunteer Contributor, 2003

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