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Night of Destiny

The Night the Quran was Revealed

The Night of Destiny or the Night of Power corresponds to the 27th night of Ramadan (Quran 97:1, 44:3). On this special night of Ramadan 13 B.H. (Before Hijrah), the Quran was placed into Muhammad’s soul when Muhammad the soul, the real person (not the body), was summoned to the highest universe (Quran 2:97, 17:1, 53:1-18). Subsequently, the angel Gabriel helped Muhammad release a few verses of the Quran at a time, from the soul to Muhammad’s memory. The Prophet wrote down and memorized the verses just released into his mind.

When the prophet Muhammad died, he left the complete Quran written down with his own hand in the chronological order of revelation, along with specific instructions as to where to place every verse. The divine instructions recorded by Muhammad were designed to put the Quran together into the final format intended for God’s Final Testament to the world (Quran 75:17).

The greatness of the Quran, and awesomeness of the night in which it was revealed have been pointed out to us in the following verses of the Quran:

If we revealed this Quran to a mountain, you would see it trembling, crumbling, out of reverence for God. We cite these examples for the people, that they may reflect. (Quran 59:21)

"Destiny" (referring to this night) is the name of Chapter 97 in the Quran.

We revealed it in the Night of Destiny.
How awesome is the Night of Destiny!
The Night of Destiny is better than a thousand months.
The angels and the Spirit descend therein, by their Lord’s leave, to carry out every command.
Peaceful it is until the advent of the dawn. (Quran 97:1-5)

Think about the credit one can earn by commemorating God all night long on the Night of Destiny. We can all use this night to get extra credit into our individual PRA (Post Retirement Account) for the Hereafter.

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Adapted from the January 1998 Submitters Perspective

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