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Location is: Chennai Tamil Nadu, India

Ramadan Information for 2017
First Fasting Day 27-May-2017 (Sat)
Calculations based on:
   Begin New Moon (UTC): 25-May-2017 7:44 PM
   New Moon (Local time): 26-May-2017 1:14 AM
   Sunset after new moon: 26-May-2017 6:30 PM
Begin 10 nights 14-Jun-2017 (Wed)
Night of Destiny 21-Jun-2017 (Wed)
Last Fasting Day 24-Jun-2017 (Sat)
Calculations based on:
   End New Moon (UTC):   24-Jun-2017 2:31 AM
   New Moon (Local time): 24-Jun-2017 8:01 AM
   Sunset after new moon: 24-Jun-2017 6:38 PM

Latitude: 13.0826802
Longitude : 80.2707184

Time zone matches: Asia/Calcutta