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Submitters Perspective

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Myth of intercession

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They remember and revere prophet Muhammad beside God in all aspects of their religious activities, such as mentioning his name next to God during Salat prayers or in their Shahada (proclamation of faith). They hang Muhammad's name next to God’s name on the masjid (mosque) walls, houses, etc. They visit prophet's tomb during hajj as a religious ritual. These are all idolatrous practices. There are many other examples and blasphemous allegations against God and Prophet Muhammad.

But, let us look at what God says in the Quran:

"Say: Shall I tell you who the worst losers are? They are the ones whose works in this life are totally astray, but they think that they are doing good." (18:103-104)

Those people who idolized Muhammad are thinking that they are doing a great job praising and saluting Muhammad day and night!!! This is in spite of the fact that all praises should be due to no one but God Almighty.

The Quran teaches us that we learned all the religious practices of Islam from Abraham. The whole Arabian society before and during the time of Muhammad had many followers of the religion of Abraham. Thus Abu Lahab, Abu Jahl, and the idolators of Quraish used to observe Salat prayer as we can learn in the Quran: "Their Contact Prayers (Salat) at the shrine (Ka`bah) were no more than a mockery and a means of repelling the people..." (8:35). This is because they also worshiped Allaat, Uzzah and Manaat beside God. They believed that they were their intercessors at God:

"Compare this with the female idols Allaat and Al-Uzzah. And Manaat, the third one. Do you have sons, while He (God) has these as daughters? ...To God belongs both the Hereafter, and this World. Not even the angels in heaven possess authority to intercede. The only ones permitted by God are those who act in accordance with His will and His approval. (53:19-26)

Prophet Muhammad was harassed and tortured by Meccan idol worshippers when he brought the message of God against their idol worship beside God. After prophet's death, these people fabricated hadiths claiming that prophet could intercede on their behalf!!!

The concept of intercession is utterly illogical. Those who believe in Muhammad's intercession, for example, claim that he will ask God to forgive them and admit them into Paradise. They imagine Muhammad on the Day of Judgment choosing the candidates for his intercession. If you ask those who believe in intercession: "How will the prophet recognize those who deserve his intercession?" they tell you, "God will tell him!" According to this concept, a person will go to Muhammad and request his intercession. Muhammad will then ask God whether this person deserves his intercession or not. God will inform Muhammad that the person deserves to go to Paradise. Muhammad will then turn around and tell God that the person deserves to go to Paradise!!!! The blasphemy is obvious; those who believe in intercession make God a secretary of their idol Muhammad.

Since the Quran is the most accurate book, it acknowledges that everyone in Paradise will intercede on behalf of his or her loved ones: For example, if someone asks "Please God, admit my mother into Paradise," this intercession will work only if the person's mother deserves to go to Paradise (2:255,

20:109, 21:28). Thus, intercession, though it will take place in this manner, is utterly useless.

We learn from the Quran that Abraham, God's beloved servant, could not intercede on behalf of his father (9:114). Noah could not intercede on behalf of his son (11:46). Muhammad could not intercede on behalf of his uncle (111:1-3) or relatives (9:80). What makes anyone think that a prophet or a saint will intercede on behalf of a perfect stranger like us! God tells us about His messengers: "He (God) knows their future and their past. They do not intercede, except for those already accepted by Him, and they are worried about their own necks." (21:28)

Satan has entered the Muslims through their love for the prophet Muhammad and their desire to follow his example. But the prophet’s example in the Quran was that he was instructed to deliver and follow what is revealed to him (5:67). God calls the Quran the best hadith, a consistent source (39:23). Therefore, Muhammad, the messenger of God, did deliver and follow the Quran, and thus set an example for us. We need to follow his example by following the Quran as he did. Indeed, he who has obeyed the messenger (i.e. followed the Quran), has obeyed God.

Unfortunately, the majority of people who believe in God fall into idol worship: "The majority of those who believe in God do not do so without committing idol worship" (12:106). Please note that "Muslims" are not excluded from this majority.

God be glorified,


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