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Hadith & Sunna Blaspheme Against the Prophet

bukhari hadith quote

The above are two versions of the same Hadith as printed in SAHIH BUKHARY, the most authoritative source of Hadith. These two hadiths narrate the story of people who went to the Prophet and wanted to embrace Islam. According to the Hadith, the Prophet ordered them to go to his flock of camel and/or sheep and drink from their urine and milk (!!!). By the time these people reached the animals,

they apparently changed their mind and rebelled against the Prophet’s shepherd, killing him. The Prophet  then sent  his men after them, captured them, then heated nails whereby  the  Prophet gouged  their eyes, then cut their hands and feet, and threw them into the desert heat. According to Hadith, they kept asking for water, but “the Prophet would not give them water,

until they died in the heat of the desert.”

The blasphemy against the Prophet is flagrant. For Qur’an, the infallible word of God, states that God Himself has placed mercy and compassion in the Prophet’s heart (3:159). The truth, therefore, is that Hadith and Sunna are Satan’s means of destroying Islam by blaspheming against God and His final Prophet Muhammad.