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San Francisco Dhul Hijja 22-24,  1406 (August 29-31, 1986)

By Jahan Spooner

More than 100 brothers and sisters from all over the world welcomed a new era of Islamic thought at the first meeting of the United Islamic Nation (UIN) near San Francisco.

“This is the advent of a new era. We are the lucky generation,” said Rashad Khalifa of Tucson, Arizona.

“This meeting has generated a spark which could lead to the ignition of worldwide movement, a worldwide renaissance,” said, Eric Tornwall of Fribourg, Switzerland.

The meeting opened with the Friday Prayer on August 29, and ended with the noon prayer on Sunday Aug 31.

Discussions were carried on from six a.m. to nine p.m each day.

All participants had already alienated themselves from the rest of the Muslim world by rejecting Hadith & Sunna and declaring Qur’an, the word of God, as the only legitimate source of religious guidance (Qur’an 19, 38, & 114).

The meeting provided a forum in which these brave believers could share experiences, express concerns and listen to speakers whose aims parallel their own.

Some memorable talks included explanation of the number 19 — God’s signature on Qur’an, the position of

Muslim women in society and a lecture by Kassim Ahmad (a prominent figure in Malaysian politics) on the current Islamic renaissance.

Brother Ismail Barakat delivered the Friday Sermon on “Legal and ethical reasons for rejecting Hadith.” After a lively introduction of all participants by Sister Mehri Perouz and Brother Rashad Khalifa, outstanding lectures were delivered over the 3-day period by Raymond Catton, Ferouz Karmally, Malik Ali, Dr. Rashid Hamed, Soussan Rey, Ihsan Ramadan, Sayyidah Ahmad, and Sophia Catton. The most controversial lecture was delivered Saturday by Sister Soussan Rey.