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God-inspired translations vs. Satan-inspired translations

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My translation of 17:45-46 & 39:45 (Qur’an: The Final Scripture, 1981) is shown below:

45. When you read the Quran, we place between you and those who do not believe in the hereafter an invisible barrier. *

46. And we place on their hearts shields to prevent them from understanding it, and in their ears deafness. And when you mention your Lord (alone), in the Quran alone. * they run away in aversion.

When God ALONE is mentioned the hearts of those who do not
believe in the hereafter shrink with aversion. But when idols are
mentioned besides Him, they rejoice (39:45).

One of the most significant and most controversial results of discovering the Qur’an’s mathematical miracle is unveiling the time for the end of the world. Qur’an is God’s final message to the world, and it is only logical that the end of the world is given to us by God within His final message. The words of God are clear in 20:15: “The end of the world is surely coming; I will keep it ALMOST hidden.” God is the only one who knows when our world will come to an end, and it is God’s wish and decision to let us know it at a specific time. This Masjid has published a booklet entitled “LESSONS FROM QUR’AN: THE END OF THE WORLD,” where overwhelming Qur’anic evidence is given in detail. As soon as this booklet hit the market, the Arab world in particular, and the “Muslim” world in general were up in arms. “How can anyone know that the world will end in the year 2280?” they asked. Their great uproar over the Qur’anic statement concerning the end of the world is actually related to their unconscious disbelief in the Hereafter (as proven earlier in this article). The declaration that the end of the world is surely coming terribly upset them, because they do not believe in it. The powerful evidence made the Hereafter a reality.

Yusuf Ali’s translation reflects the average “Muslim” disbelief in the Hereafter. When he looked at 20:15, his traditional belief that the end of the world could not possibly be unveiled dictated upon him the distortion of God’s word. The Arabic word “AKAAD Arabic word Akaad means “ALMOST” or “NEARLY.” In fact, Yusuf Ali did translate this word as “ALMOST” in 28:10, 42:5, 67:8, and 68:51. He translated it as “NEARLY” in 9:117, 17:74, and 22:72. He translated the same word as “SCARCELY” in 18:93 and 43:52 and as “HARDLY” in 24:40.

So, Mr. Ali knew exactly what the word “AKAAD” means. Yet, when it came to unveiling the end of the world, he decided that he knew better than God; he actually produced the exact opposite of what God said in 20:15. Please see his translation below. If this is not misleading the Muslim masses, I don’t know what is!!!

Pickthall’s translation and all other translations of 20:15, with the exception of my own and a translation by Muhammad Sarwar, have committed the same blasphemy.

Quran Arabic, Sura 20, verse 15

Pickthall’s   --> 15. Lo! The Hour is surely coming. But I will to keep it hidden,

Ali’s      -->15. “Verily the Hour is coming – My design is to keep it Hidden-

What I presented in this article is proof that the traditional Muslims’ translations are Satan – inspired, since they consistently destroy the basic doctrines of God’s religion. I have chosen 39:45 as an example, because this is where the test of “TAWHEED” (the worship of GOD ALONE) is presented. Now, it is up to you. If you take this distortion lightly, you cannot claim on the Day of Judgment that you made your stand on the side of God. If your stand is unshakably with God, you will treat such translations as the work of Satan. We are in this life just to undergo such a test (see 67:1-2).

The other example, 20:15, was chosen to show how the translators’ traditions superseded God’s commands. The translators of Qur’an, like the translators of the Bible before them, have misled millions of people.       

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