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I observed that one of your videotapes is titled, “In defence of the Bible.” You made it appear as though, the Bible is the word of Allah. Dr. Khalifa as a research and investigative scholar, you ought to know better. The Bible, both the old and new testament, has lost its originality and authenticity, it has undergone countless revisions and interpolations. Truth are mixed with falsehood. The Holy Qur’an says, very specifically, “Woe unto those who write the book with their own hands, then say it is from Allah.” The Book (Injeel) that the prophet Jesus received from Allah, is nowhere to be found, it has vanished from the face of the earth. The four gospels were supposedly written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, who were not even his disciples. The gospel of Mark was found 150 years after the supposed death of the Prophet Jesus, in the greek language. Matthew, Luke and John gospels were found at a much later date, somewhere between 200-300 AD and all were written in the greek language.


Prophet Jesus, upon whom be peace, presumably spoke Hebrew or some writers assumed he probably spoke Aramaic, i,e., a language that is crossed with two languages. The writings of Paul were also written in greek. So was the vision of John of the book of Revelation. There are absolutely no Hebrew records of Prophet Jesus ministry. The Jewish historian Josephus says: “there were no books attributed to Jesus, during his trial or the post – crucifixion period.” What we have today, known as the New Testament, are biographies of Jesus life, on whom be peace, four contradictory versions, written hundreds of years after his supposed death. Truth mixed with falsehood, written by unknown writers, loosely connected to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, to carry some weight. They were not actually the writers. “The true and Revealed Book that the Prophet Jesus received from Allah Subhanahu wa Taala, were completely destroyed, at the very same time that Jesus was nailed to the cross. What we have known as the

Gospels is a complete fabrication.”

Haider Ali
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Editor’s Note:
Thank you, Mr. Ali, for your informative letter. However, had you watched the video, you would have seen that I defend the truth in the Bible, as confirmed by the Qur’an, and I expose the human-injected distortions. The Bible, as printed today, still preaches the worship of God alone (see Matthew 4:10, Mark 2:7 & 12:30, and Luke 4:8). No where does the Bible state that Jesus is God; if anything, the New Testament states clearly, several times, that Jesus is NOT God (see Matthew 7:21, Mark 10: 17-18 & 15:34, and John 20:17). In view of the Qur’anic statement in 5:46 [“The Gospel provides guidance and light”], I wanted to acknowledge the truth that God has revealed a divine scripture to Jesus.


THE ISLAMIC REVIEW, journal of the Ahmadiyyah movement. Lahore, Pakistan (Feb/Mar 87) attacked me in an editorial titled: “Saying ‘Muhammad Ar-Rashul-Ullah’ Is Not Shirk (Polytheism).” The editorial listed the well-known litany of verses advocating obedience to God and His

apostle. This editorial, which represents the general belief of the Muslim masses, clearly reveals two major disasters:

(1) that the Muslims generally do not accept LAA ELAAHA ELLA ALLAH (There is no god except Allah) by itself, even though this is the message delivered by Muhammad and all previous messengers (please see 21:25), and

(2) they do not have any idea what shirk is.

Shirk, by definition, is putting anything besides God, in any way, shape, or form. The Qur’an makes this extremely clear by stating that the mere mention of anything or anyone besides God is Shirk. Please see 39:45 and 40:10-12.

When you invite me to dinner and ask me to bring my servant with me, I am not invited ALONE. Even though you acknowledge that my companion (in Arabic Sharik) is my servant, I am not invited ALONE. This is Shirk.