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Submitters Perspective

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The Hindus and the Sikhs are fighting in India; the Protestants and the Catholics are fighting in Ireland; the Sunnis and the Shi’is are fighting in Iraq/Iran; the Jews and the Muslims are fighting in Jerusalem; and we know the mess that is going on in Lebanon. There is plenty of war misery in this world. Ironically, all these fighting factions have one thing in common. They all believe in God. The Sikhs believe in God; the Mormons believe in God; the Jews believe in God; the Muslims believe in God; the Buddhists believe in God; Jehovah witnesses, the Hindus, the Christians… they ALL believe in God.

What then divides them into bitter enemies? As an intelligent and highly educated generation of humans, we can certainly find out exactly what causes these people to fight, and how to eliminate the causes of conflict. Obviously, if we focus on the one thing we have in common, and rise above the petty differences, we will eliminate war.

The Qur’an provides the sure solution of this problem in 3:64. The reason these people are fighting is THE HUMAN FACTOR.  Since they all believe in God, the only reason that divides them is allegiance to human

factors such as Jesus, Mary, Muhammad, Buddha, Joseph Smith, and so on. Each faction became obsessed with idolization of some human being: “My idol is better than your idol,” and they forgot the one common link that binds them. They forgot God: the One who created them, the One who provides for them, the One who controls their lives, and the One who will resurrect them (Qur’an 30:40), and became diverted by their love, adoration and fanatic enthusiasm on behalf of a human factor. It is allegiance and devotion to dead, powerless and helpless human factors that causes division, hatred and wars. Mainly because such allegiance represents disobedience of God and ironically disobedience of the human idols Muhammad, Jesus, Mary, and the righteous Imams.

Therefore, if we all concentrate on the one common link; if our true love and our true objective is our Creator ALONE, we will be surely united. If our only true love is God, as instructed by the First Commandment in the Bible (both Old and New Testament) and throughout the Qur’an, then we will actually help each other in loving and worshiping our common deity; the One God We will be United. War will be eliminated.

I just finished a video program inviting the people of the world to establish UNIVERSAL UNITY THROUGH DEVOTION TO GOD ALONE. It is hoped that this new organization will unite all peoples of the world under the banner of DEVOTION TO GOD ALONE. (See Page 2 for more details on the Video Program “Universal Unity.”)

Here is what Verse 64 of Sura 3 states, in order to achieve Universal Unity and eliminate wars:

Say to all the people who believe in God: “Come let us reach an equitable agreement between us and you:

1. that we shall not worship except God;
2. that we shall not idolize anything or anyone besides Him; and
3. that we shall not consider any human being to be a Lord besides God.

If they refuse, then say, “Bear witness that we are submitters (devoted to God alone).”