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Muslim digest: Rashad is apostle of Covenant

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and from Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus the son of Mary. We took a solemn covenant from them" 33:7.

Any objective and sincere believer in the Qur’an will readily see that Muhammad could not possibly be the "Apostle of the Covenant." In the last few issues of M.P., irrefutable evidence was presented to prove that Rashad Khalifa is indeed the "Apostle of the Covenant." Through mathematical coding, the Qur'an identifies Rashad Khalifa, by name, as God's messenger or apostle who will confirm all the prophets and restore all their messages. Prominent among those proofs are:

1.   Unveiling the Qur'an's miraculous, 19-based mathematical code after it had remained a divinely guarded secret for 1400 years.

2.   The root word for "Rashad" in all its forms is mentioned in the Qur'an precisely 19 times (see INDEX TO THE WORDS OF QUR'AN, Page 320).

3.   When we add the numbers of the suras and verses where “Rashad” and “Khalifa” are mentioned, the total comes to 1463, or 19x77.

4.   If we get specific, and look for the specific names "Rashad" and the human "Khalifa" (38:26), and add the numbers of suras and verses where these two names are found, the total comes to 171, or 19x9.

5.   The gematrical value of the whole verse 3:81 is 13148, or 19 x 692.

6.   The gematrical value of the statement within 3:81 that

specifically says "Then comes to you an apostle confirming what is with you," is 836, or 19x44.

7.  Verse 33:7 that informs us that Muhammad was one of the prophets who made that famous pledge consists of 76 letters, or 19x4, and this is the same number of letters as the first Qur'anic revelation (96:1-5). Additionally, when we add the sura number (33) to the verse number (7), we get the verse number in the same sura (Verse 40)  which  informs us  that  Muhammad was the last prophet (Nabi).

8.   The gematrical value of Moses (116) plus Jesus  (150) is a multiple of 19,  the gematrical value of Ismail (211) plus Isaac (169) is a multiple of 19, and the gematrical value of the apostles of Islam Abraham (258) and Muhammad (92) is not completed to a multiple of 19 unless we add the gematrical value of Rashad (505). Thus, the gematrical value is a multiple of 19 only when we add the values of the three messengers of Islam Abraham, Muhammad, and Rashad (see details in the June issue of M.P.).

Finally, the MUSLIM DIGEST tried to "prove" that Rashad Khalifa is NOT a messenger of God on the basis of glaring mistakes that a first grader in any Arabic school can see. Here are their comic reasons for rejecting Rashad as God's messenger !!!:

1.   Rashad lied when he said that the Qur'an is perfectly preserved, then declared that 9:128-129 are false, human-made verses.

2.   The Basmalah (1:1) "consists of 23 letters, not 19."

3.   The word "Allah" occurs in the Qur'an "more than 2698 times." They don't know how many times,

but they are sure that it occurs more than 2698 times.

If these are the MUSLIM DIGEST's objections, then the MUSLIM DIGEST has just confessed that Rashad Khalifa is God's messenger, THE APOSTLE OF THE COVENANT.  For all three allegations against Rashad are easily refuted as follows:

[1] Rashad has always maintained that the Qur'an is perfectly preserved. The overwhelming evidence that 9:128-129 are false actually proves the perfect preservation of the Qur'an, and the inability of God's enemies to inject any falsehood into the Qur'an.  The realization that these two verses are false began long time ago, and Al-Bukhari is one of the many classic references that proclaimed that 9:128-129 are suspect. The Qur'an's mathematical code proved beyond doubt that these two sentences are false. In fact, one of Rashad's major missions is to confirm the pure and perfect Qur'an, and to nullify the flimsy attempt to tamper with God's final message to the world.

[2] Anyone who reads Arabic and looks at any Qur'an in the world will see clearly that Basmalah (1:1) does consist of 19 letters. The whole Muslim World knows that the famous gematrical value of Basmalahis 786, which is the sum total of 19 letters’ gematrical values, not 23. This is an incontrovertible physical fact.

[3] Equally incontrovertible is the physical fact that the word "Allah" occurs in the Qur'an 2698 times,  19x142. Just look up INDEX TO THE WORDS OF QURAN  (Pages 40-75) and count the occurrences of the word "Allah." You will find the total 2698 (of course, you have to remove the two false sentences at the end of Sura 9).

PS.: The MUSLIM DIGEST’s article is in Vol. 38 (19x2), Nos. 9 & 10 (19).