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Khurram Murad, Not Salman Rushdie Blasphemes God and Muhammad

God Describes Quran as “Karim”, “Azeem”, "Majid"

Khurram Describes Quran as:  “Empty Words” !!!

(Islamic Horizons, Dec. '88, Page 37)

Fake Muslims Happy With Murad Since he Blasphemes God, While Praising Muhammad Against His Will

"If we reveal this Quran to a mountain, you will see it tremble, crumble, out of reverence for God." (59:21)

This is what a mountain would do if exposed to the word of Almighty God. But Khurram Murad has proven that his heart is much harder than the mountain. He counters the Almighty's description of the Quran as " Azeem = Great" (15:87), "Majid = Glorious" (50:1 & 85:21), and "Honorable = Karim" (56:77)by stating that the Quran, without the alleged Sunna of Muhammad, is "Empty words"!!!

You de-link the Book given by Allah from the life-example of the Prophet who brought it, and you will be left with empty words.

Photocopy of Khurram Murad's blasphemy

In 17:9, God informs us that: "This Quran guides to the best path, and delivers good news to the believers."

And 17:45 informs us that the disbelievers are blocked out by an invisible barrier.
Moreover, the Quran repeats that the "Sole

mission of the Prophet was to deliver the Quran"(3:20, 5:99, 13:40, 16:35, 16:82, 24:54, 29:18, 36:17, 42:48, 64:12). Specifically, the Prophet was forbidden in 75:16-19 from explaining the Quran, and we learn from 55:1-2 that God is the only explainer of the Quran.

While the world knows that Rushdie's writing are fictitious, here is a Muslim leader proclaiming that the Quran is "Empty words!!!" How will he face God on the Day of Judgment? Please read 19:69 to find out the fate of Khurram Murad and his likes.

Another Gross Blasphemy:

“Kill All Christians & Jews”!!

(Shaikh Muhammad Ass-Saleh al Uthman, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

Satan has surely gotten hold of those who claim to be Muslims, and has proven to them and to the whole world that their religion has nothing to do with the Islam preached by Muhammad.

The Quran teaches clearly in 2:62, 5:69, & 60:8 that the Jews and Christians who (1) believe in God, (2) believe in the Hereafter, and (3) lead a righteous life, are believers who will go to heaven. Yet, we read in a book entitled "The Muslim's Belief" by

Shaikh Muhammad Ass-Saleh al Uthman and translated by Dr. Maneh Hammad Al-Johani, Secretary General of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, Riyadh,  Saudi Arabia, that we must kill the Christians and Jews who refuse to embrace Islam!!!
Obviously, this man never read Quran 2:256: "No compulsion in religion." He never read in 18:29:
"Proclaim: 'This is the truth from your Lord,' then whoever wills let him believe, and whoever wills let him disbelieve."

On Page 22 of his book, Shaikh Ass-Saleh states that: "It is our opinion that whoever claims the acceptability of any existing religion today-other than Islam-such as Judaism, Christianity, and. so forth, is a non-believer. He should be asked to repent. If he does not he must be killed as an apostate!!!!!!!!"

Are there any Muslims, true Muslims, out there who can stand up for the Quran?