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Submitters Perspective

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God's Messenger of the Covenant:  Why?

The Quran informs us in 5:14-16, 14:1, 33:43, 57:9, and 65:11 that the function of God's Messenger of the Covenant (3:81) is to lead "THOSE WHO BELIEVE AND LEAD A RIGHTEOUS LIFE" from the darkness into the light.

Thus, it is mercy and grace from God that He has sent His Messenger of the Covenant NOW to rescue "THOSE WHO BELIEVE AND LEAD A RIGHTEOUS LIFE."  Please read the  verses listed above carefully, and also the June issue of M.P. (Page 3)

Obviously, when we decide to believe and lead a righteous life, we can be still in the darkness.  Despite believing and leading a righteous life, the Quran teaches us that we may continue to be in the darkness.  This is an experience that we, the true Muslims, have gone through.  We did believe, and we did lead a righteous life, but all our practices -- the daily contact prayers (Salat), obligatory charity (Zakat), fasting, Hajj pilgrimage, etc. - were wrong.  God then willed to send His Messenger of the Covenant at this time, and thereby He led us out of the darkness into the light.  By God's Grace, we now practice the correct Salat, Zakat, fasting, Hajj, etc. All praise and thanks be to God.


Fantastic Gift from God Demonstrates:


Lulu Maknun, a contemporary Sahaabah, writes


The Prophet Muhammad is Dead and Cannot Defend Himself

But I Am Alive and I Can Defend Myself

During my visit to Canada June 13-16, 1989, I discovered a manuscript by my friend Lulu Maknun of Port San Juan, Alaska, described by her as: Forty Hadith of Rashad Khalifa. Initially, I was utterly shocked and outraged at the apparently vicious lies contained in Lulu's manuscript. But now that Lulu has explained and apologized, I realize that this incident is a great lesson and a fantastic gift from Almighty God. For it illustrates in a most profound manner how the words of God's messenger may be twisted out of context by well-meaning and sincere listeners. I will give here only a couple of examples to demonstrate the grossness of Hadith and Sunna, and how they constitute
nothing but blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad. To drive the point, let me put Lulu's statements in the classic Hadithist perspective:

Example No. 1

The renowned Sahaabah Lulu Maknun, may God be pleased with her, said, "I heard the messenger of God, Rashad Khalifa, say, 'Adultery is OK, as  long as you  do not hurt anyone.' "

A Vicious Lie

My views on adultery are documented in my translation of Quran.

Example No. 2

The renowned Sahaabah Lulu Maknun, may God be pleased with her, said, "At Masjid Tucson, they observe the Dawn Prayer (Salat Al-Fajr) after sunrise."

A Vicious Lie

I don't know where Lulu got her information, but anyone who is familiar with Masjid Tucson knows that the Dawn Prayer is observed EVERY MORNING before sunrise.

The Prophet Muhammad's alleged Hadith was written after 200 years, across eight generations of the dead. God thus teaches us that even contemporary Sahaabah can misunderstand God's messenger. We must uphold ONLY the Quran.