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What an amazing site! Thank you so much for enlightening my family and I, we really didn’t know anything about the meaning of our religion until we visited your site. You have opened our eyes, and we no longer believe the false tales which still circulate today amongst ignorant people who call themselves Muslims. God has allowed us to see the truth before it was too late, we thank Him for that, and our thanks again to all those involved in this site.



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Hello Dear Friends,
I found your web page when I was looking for information on Islam. I have read a good deal of your page and find it to be very illuminating. Thanks for clearing up a lot of false information for me. The image of Islam here in the west has been shaped by the media’s coverage of the Middle East and all the political turmoil that is going on there. And so the image one gets is of a violent faith (especially when one sees what’s going on in Afghanistan). Where do they get their ideas from? I can’t find those barbaric and backward ideas anywhere in the Holy Qur’an. Instead, I find a peaceful and powerful message of hope, and a daily guide to right conduct.

I decided to find out for myself what Islam is all about in order to better understand the faith. And I must admit that I find much in Islam that I agree with wholeheartedly! I am

especially drawn to the poetry of Jalaladin Rumi, the Sufi mystic.

The translations of the Qur’an I have been dealing with have been written in archaic Elizabethan English, which sounds very forced and stilted. I look forward to reading your translation when it arrives by mail. I’m sure it will help me better understand the message the Qur’an is saying.

Keep up the good work and thank you for such a good web page!

Peace and Happiness Always,


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Bism-illah Ar-rahman Ar-raheem,

As-salam Alaikum,

Your website ( ROCKS!! It obliterated all the doubt and uneasiness I had felt in maintaining absolute faith in the Quran, and to a greater extent the so-called Prophet’s Sunna.

I read with an unprecedented hunger and pored through most of the links. Consequently I obtained “Quran: The Final Testament” by Dr. Rashad Khalifa, and I am reading it steadily. Alhamdulillah, I feel my faith bursting out of my heart! I thank the Most Merciful that He guided me from ignorance to truth…

That’s all for now, may GOD admit you all to paradise for your devotion to spreading his true faith, InshaAllah!

I submit to GOD in Islam.



I have not been this excited about my religion since I first converted to Islam from Christianity. Many of my frustrations with understanding the religion have really been the parts that mortals have imposed that stem from traditions etc and not from Allah. My husband has not been able to adapt his thinking as easily….

Please add me to your email list and any newsletter will be welcomed.


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As salaamu alaikum

I have been a converted Muslim for some years now and I fiercely defend the Qur’an. It has always amazed me how so many Muslims accept so many shameful hadith in sharp contradiction to the Qur’an. So I was very pleased to find on the internet an organised struggle against such horrendous blasphemy of our great religion of Islam, I applaud your efforts in that respect…


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You guys are beautiful. I am going through your site right now and opening my eyes for the first time in a long time. This makes a lot of sense, what you are saying. I even have an Arab friend who can back me up on your explanations of grammar in the Koran. I just wanted to thank you. Is there any way I can subscribe to a newsletter of some sort? Your organization is doing a wonderful job. And best of all, what you have to say cannot be disputed. Allahu Akbar.