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Submitters Perspective

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Comments From a Submitter

As-salaamu Alaikum

I recently borrowed a copy of Dr. Khalifa’s “Quran: The Final Testament” from our public library. I was very impressed with his Introduction and Appendices. These answered a lot of things that were puzzling me about our religion of Islam. In the society I grew up in, we were not encouraged to ask questions but to accept whatever was conveyed to us. This book make so much sense to me, it made so many things clearer to me. After reading the book and the website I realize that I was already a “Submitter.”

Unfortunately, I was unable to completely read the translation of the Quran. It was a borrowed book and I had to return it to the library. I wanted to have my own copy so badly that I called the library and bookstores to no avail. Then I decided to check out the Internet and lo and behold to my joy I found your website. I have been able to answer a lot of my children’s questions about Islam now that I have read your materials on site. I printed out the Y.E.S. lessons. These were fantastic for my children. My 11-year old daughter had a lot of questions about Hijab, halal and haram things etc.

The article on Hijab helped a lot. All the articles are great.

I would really like to be connected to other “Submitters” in Ontario, Canada. Maybe we should have a pen pal hookup or something. Is there any mosque or organization that Submitters can get together in Ontario? If so I would really like to know about it….

I would like to receive a complimentary issue of the Submitters Perspective monthly newsletter.

May God bless!


Mrs. F. M.